Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 22

Chapter 22

George had returned to the diner where he had just weeks ago came to the decision to hunt down Ashley Taylor in an attempt to salvage what was left of his life. He sat there this time drinking his coffee wondering where he went wrong. How was he going to fix this? Ashley was insane and it was his fault.

If he hadn’t dumped her to go out with Molly the two of them would have been married and Bruce never would have turned into a monster. Hell he thought life would have been truly fair if Molly had ended up with that sick son of a bitch instead, at least then she would have gotten what she deserved. She certainly didn’t deserve to live in the house he bought with his money, raising the child he fathered from his loins, living off his alimony.

The more he thought about it the more he felt like life had gotten it wrong, he should have been with Ashley and Molly should be in a mental hospital. It was sad what happened to Ashley, having to witness her daughters get assaulted like that and then to kill her husband. It really messed her up in the head. He couldn’t get past that thought, it should have been Molly in there.

As George began to ponder that he had a thought enter his mind. If he had married Ashley, Linda might still be alive too. Linda was best friends with Ashely and the two were like sisters. Molly on the other hand was the new girl in town and she had taken Ashley’s boyfriend away. Because Linda married George’s brother Drake, the two became sisters-in-law. But the two never became good friends, in fact that very night Drake and Linda had invited Molly and George to an opera in the city.

Linda and Molly had gotten into a big fight months prior and were not speaking to each other. Drake and George bought the opera tickets as a way to get the two women together on good terms. Molly refused to go to the opera with Drake and Linda. The plan was to all meet at their favorite restaurant and then head to the opera together. Because Molly refused to attend, Drake and Linda decided to skip dinner and head to the opera house later on their own. It was on the freeway that their accident had happened.

George thought to himself, if they had met at the restaurant as planned then they would have taken a cab to the opera house and never would have been on the freeway. If he had been married to Ashley the two would not have been fighting and Linda would still be alive today. Then he would be happily married to his dream woman, Drake would still be a respected doctor and life would have been perfect.

As he sat there in his seat eating a piece of pie, contemplating his life’s mistakes he began to realize his problems were not his fault. He managed to shift his thinking so that he could now fully blame Molly for everything that had gone wrong. He began to really hate her now more than ever. The problem was, there was nothing he could do about it his life was ruined, and she was living it up. If only there was a way he could get even, do to her what Bruce had done to Ashley.

He thought how unfair it was that poor Ashley had to lose her sanity and give up her good life, all because Molly was such a selfish and manipulative bitch. There had to be some way he could make her suffer as much as he felt she deserved.

The way George figured Molly was not only responsible for his pain, she was responsible for the suffering of everyone involved, Bruce and Ashley, their kids, Drake and Linda, even Melody who had to grow up without a dad in her life. He thought of all the different lives that were ruined because of Molly. For the first time in his life everything finally made sense, he was going to find a way to make things right. There was a problem, he know he couldn’t do it on his own. George paid for his supper and quietly called for a cab to drive him to his brother’s cabin up on the mountain.

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