Why I decided today is the day I get back into making music

One of the reasons I stopped mixing music is because I had previously produced five underground records under my deadname and I wanted to distance myself from him as much as possible. I realized that the tracks he produced do not have to remain hostage simply because they were his. So today I am reclaiming my music. I will begin creating brand new techno/trance songs using the tools I previously did to produce those old records. I will not be beholden to what came before if I like a sample I used before but find a new way of using it so be it. Today marks the start of a new era in my life, where I can happily reclaim a hobby of mine I let be tainted by my past.

I first started exploring techno music around the same time I got into hip hop music. Some of the earliest what I would call techno songs I discovered were by the band Technotronic, the first CD I ever bought was a combination of their Pump Up The Jam the Album and Remixes and Hits. I quickly moved onto other artists like The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, KMFDM and eventually Daft Punk. Not all of these would fall under the proper techno umbrella but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

I was one of those nerdy kids who learned the differences between trance, rave, techno, house, dub step, drum n bass, etc., so I explored it all. I was never a fan of the term EDM for shorthand mostly because trance music exists but I settled on techno/trance as the best way to describe what I produced.

My interest in electronic music goes beyond just a few simple genres. It is my favorite form of music to listen to. Often times I try to down play this by digging into the rock and pop rock scene as a way to pretend my tastes are more so called refined but I do not feel shame I enjoy dance music. I love electro house, europop, electronica, etc., the only electronic music genre I can’t stand is drum n bass but there is a story behind that to be honest.

I don’t want to go through all the different artists and DJ’s I listen too, frankly most days I put it on a mix on Spotify and don’t even care what is playing. I do have a few favorites such as The Crystal Method and Deadmou5 but those are not the only artists I enjoy. To some extent I like quit a but of Fat Boy Slim but I also enjoy dance pop too like Ace of Base, Real McCoy, Crush, Far East Movement and others. Basically I can’t say I like it all but yeah I kinda do.

Today marks the first time I will try to mix a techno song myself using the tools from my past. I do not know what will turn up but I hope it at least accomplishes what I set out to in those years past, making music I personally can enjoy listening to. That was all I ever wanted out of my music. I never expected to get rich off it. Hell I knew better not that I didn’t someday dream of finding success somewhere in life.

I will share the songs I make in whichever manner I find consistent with my current mood. I haven’t decided what it will look like yet if I even share them at all.

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