My relationship with the Goddess Brigid so far

When I discovered the Goddess Brigid I discovered more than a deity I could worship, I found a motherly figure who would watch over me, someone I could form a working relationship with.

So far my experiences with Brigid have been largely positive. We’ve had a couple arguments over my Christian past interfering with our relationship at first. We’ve since mostly overcome those. I still have a ways to go to completely earn her trust but she has made herself real to me and informed me what her desire is for me so far.

I haven’t asked her to help me much in my spell work. Most of our relationship has been my reciting a daily devotion I dedicated to her, which includes a daily offering to her. I pray to her daily, although I am sure she wouldn’t mind my saying she doesn’t respond to all of my prayers. She has done a wonderful job helping me find my own inner strength and pulling it out of me. She hasn’t had tp pick me up too often but she has told me she will protect me if needed as she claims me as her own as she is mine. Our relationship is so wonderful I am truly blessed to know her as my Matron Goddess.

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