Why I love Buddy so stinking much, meow

I got my current cat, Buddy in an awkward exchange with my sisters niece. My previous cat, Chloe, had died in a car incident. I was really down and depressed about losing my beloved Chloe whom I rescued from the animal shelter. I really loved that cat. Then my sisters niece had a boyfriend move into her house who had a dog and she needed to find a new home for her cat.

The day Buddy moved into my life was one of the few happy moments I have experienced. While to some he is just another cat, to me he is my baby. He is my family. In a lot of ways he is my best friend. So to me he is far more than a pet, he is my entire world.

When I first got Buddy he was timid and very shy. He refused to sit on my lap. He wouldn’t cuddle with me in my bed. He ran around the house crying as loud as he could for his mommy. He developed some severe separation anxiety and abandonment issues over her ditching him after lovingly taking care of him for three years. It took him time to realize I was his new momma.

I started slow too. I had to give him time to get to know me while also letting my heart heal from the loss of Chloe. At first I didn’t pick him up much as he was kinda stand offish. I gave him plenty of space. At the time he and I were living in an RV out in the country. He kept trying to get outside to return home to his former family. She lived up the street on a country road so he managed to find his way back there on at least one occasion. I became a little more protective of him than I had been Chloe as I lived so close to that busy road.

Slowly after giving him canned treats and buying him toys he began to realize I was his new momma. He also slowly began finding comfort in my arms. It took a while before he would sleep in my bed but once he was comfortable I couldn’t go to bed without him crawling up on my back or sleeping on one of my legs.

Since that time the two of us have bonded in ways his cat brain will never fully understand. When I say I love him I mean it. I cry most days how lucky I am to have such a loyal companion in my life. He is so loyal he cries whenever I leave the room. He misses me to the point of heartache. He also proves this when I return how he climbs into my arms and gives me cuddles and kisses for coming back home. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend from a cat.

Every time I go to Walmart or Target I try to bring him home a special treat. I have gotten to where I spoil his little heart so much I know I contribute to his separation anxiety when I leave him. He gets so worked up I worry my neighbors might complain. But I still continue to love him each day. Even if we get into a fight and he claws me or hisses at me which rarely happens outside of bath time, he still forgives me pretty quickly. In fact I can get in a fight with him, walk outside, count to five and come back into is screaming cries of “momma forgive me I am sorry!” and I quickly make up with my little guy.

I hug that little guy each day when I wake up in the morning. I hug him again before I lay down for bed. I pick him up and give him hugs throughout the day as needed. What can I say he makes my heart beat.

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend in my cat Buddy. Full name withheld by request, meow.

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