Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

It was a quite fall afternoon. All you could hear was the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind. The clock on her night stand chimed twice, reminding her it was now two hours past noon. School had been so very rough this past week, starting a new school always was.  She hadn’t made any friends yet. Already her parents were putting pressure on her to go out with a certain boy.

She knew nothing about him just that his mom worked at the school and so did her dad so they must have figured the two would make a perfect match. If there was one thing Molly hated more than anything was how her parents always had to pick her friends. Just once she wanted to start a new school and be friends with people she actually got along with, instead of the people that boosted her parent’s social status.

She sat on her bed brushing the hair on her stuffed pony as she listened to the sound of the leaves outside. She wished she could be outside playing in the leaves, not going on a date with a boy she hardly knew, a boy she honestly had no interest in at all.

There was a knock on her door and she could hear her mother’s voice calling to her.

“Oh Molly dear, your date is here,” her mother said.

Molly placed her pony on her bed and grabbed her purse before she opened the door.

“Hello mother, I’m all ready to go,” Molly said.

Molly  was led down the stairs where her date was waiting for her.  He was dressed in his finest clothes for attending a carnival. He looked handsome enough. His hair was neat, and he even smelled nice. Molly didn’t even remember his name, she met him just barely this morning at lunch when her father and his mother introduced the two and suggested they go to the carnival together. She grabbed her jacket and walked out the door arm in arm with her date.

Geroge was a very distant boy. He spent the entire night running around playing the games as he rambled on about how much his parents liked to run his life. He was kind of rude too Molly observed. He hadn’t even told her how nice she looked or anything. She just followed him around like a lost puppy, not knowing what to make of the evening. Finally she asked him how long had he lived in town.

“oh all my life, it’s not such a bad place to grow up I guess,” George said. ” You are new in town aren’t you, where’d you move her from?”

Molly wasn’t interested in that topic.

“Oh someplace I bet you never heard of, besides it’s not important I live here now,” Molly said.

“Wait here!” George said as his face lit up.

Molly watched as her date ran up to some other girl. The two began talking privately.

The girl looked a little upset at him. Molly could tell he was trying to calm the girl down. He pointed over in her direction, made some kind of gesture. After a couple seconds she walked away and her returned to his date.

“Who is that girl?” Molly asked.

“Oh her that’s just Ashley,” George said. “Her and I were going out but we broke up this morning. I was telling her how I was here with you.”

“Oh, what did she want?” Molly asked.

“Nothing just to see if I would get back with her. I said not tonight.” George said.

Molly spent the rest of the night in a confused daze as the two wandered around aimlessly.

She was feeling awkward about that other girl. If they had broken up just this morning, was she his rebound date? Or did he dump the other girl for her? Either way she didn’t exactly feel comfortable with the situation.

He stopped in front of a haunted house.

“Hey come on we gotta go in here,” George said. “It’s supposed to be pretty scary.”

She shook her head.

“Actually I’m getting kind of hungry,” Molly said. “You mind if we stop to get something to eat first?”

George grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards the haunted house.

“Oh come on my friends are inside we can eat after,” he said.

Molly was not having a good time.

“I don’t feel comfortable in here,” she said clutching his arm.

“Oh come on this is fun!” he replied.

A coffin opened and a hand reached out from within. Molly jumped and screamed.

“Ooh they got you good!” George said.

“That isn’t funny,” she said slapping him across the shoulder.

The two went around the bend and a bloody axe fell from the sky. It landed right in her face. Molly screamed and ran towards the exit. She had all she could muster of that place.

Molly sat on a bench outside trying to catch her breath as she waited for her date to come back.

After a few minutes went by she noticed George walking around behind the haunted house. He was with that girl from before. Suddenly she was getting angry. Molly decided she was ready to go home. Her date clearly didn’t have any interest in her whatsoever.

George ran over to where Molly was sitting and took her by the hand.

“Hey sorry it took so long,” George said. “I ran into Ashley in there. She just wouldn’t give up.

I told her I was on a date with a prettier girl than her and it was over she needed to accept it.

Molly sidestepped his faux compliment.

“Take me home.” Molly said.

“How about we go get those corndogs first?” George said.

He took her by the hand. It was an odd sensation flowing through her in that moment. Suddenly her anger melted away. It had been replaced with butterflies. She hadn’t been expecting to hold hands on the first date, that wasn’t her style. She decided to go with it. His hand was so warm and strong. Somehow she started to feel safe by his side.

After the two had their corndogs Molly decided to ask the question that had been on her mind all evening.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” she said.

He looked at her with a very blank look.

“Uh, sure I suppose why not,” George said puzzled.

“You had said earlier that you broke up with your girlfriend this morning,” Molly said.

“Yeah what of it?” George said.

“Well, I guess I was curious. Did you dump her to go out with me? Or did you only agree to go out with me because you broke up with her?”

He thought about it for a moment before answering.

“Molly, my break up with Stephanie had nothing to do with you,” he said. “We just weren’t getting along.”

The two came to a booth were a little girl was holding a bunch of red balloons. It was one of those booths were you pop a balloon and win a prize. The prize was a small baggie filled with water and inside the bag was a tiny little goldfish.

George remembered Ashley liked goldfish. He figured maybe he could use it to win her back.

He didn’t even hesitate he handed over the money and began throwing darts, popping the balloons one at a time. He kept muttering to himself if he won that goldfish he could win her back.

Molly was furious at how determined he was to win that goldfish for a girl he had broken up with. She was standing right there and he acted like he didn’t even notice. Molly pretended not to hear what he was saying, as it was only making her even angrier for getting herself into this.

After won the prize the man was about to hand it to George, Molly snatched it from him and put on the biggest, fakest smile she could.

“Oh George you won this for me, how sweet of you.” Molly said.

He just looked at her with a nervous look on his face, he started to say something, just then he looked over across the way, Ashley was staring at him. She saw Molly take the goldfish he obviously meant to win for her, then turned and stormed off. George didn’t know if he should chase after Ashley or not, but he decided Molly was pretty enough he would go along with it for now and try to win his girl back on Monday. He leaned in then planted a kiss right on her lips.

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