Oh How I love my Mother Brigid, Triple Goddess of fire and home

Today is Imbolc. It is a very special day for Celtic pagans the world over. It is the first day of spring in the Wheel of the Year for those who follow the Wiccan tradition. It is the mid point between the Solstice and Equinox. The day life returns to the world following winters slumber.

Today is the first year I shall celebrate Imbolc as a Pagan. I want to start by writing a love letter to my Mother Goddess, Brigid.

She goes by many a name far too many for me to encapsulate here. To honor Brigid is to love her. She is a mother Goddess. She holds a special place in my heart.

I didn’t find Brigid. She found me. A few months ago I felt the pulling of her name on my heart. When I offered a prayer to her using a soul searching ritual I prepared she came to me and spoke to my heart. I was pleased to learn she had chosen me to be among her followers. She even gifted me the middle name I wear in her honor, Bri.

I first met Brigit on the Fall Equinox. I performed a ceremony tying my heart to hers on Mabon. It was a beautiful feeling when she entered my heart. That broken heart that had previously been occupied solely by a misogynist she has helped me break free from. Today I honor her with my words. I offer her my actions as a symbol of my loyalty and dedication to her service.

Brigid is a wonderful mother Goddess. She treats me like a child. She admonishes me when I stumble. She picks me up when I fall. She wipes away my tears when I have need. And she encourages me to find my own inner strength when I have need. She is demanding, yet patient. I have failed her many a time. She is quite forgiving. She has love for her children. I have a indescribable love for her. I love I never felt for any other spiritual being. We share a special bond.

Our relationship is not perfect. As a mother-child bond goes we have the same struggles any mother has trying to parent a teenager daughter in the throws of adolescence. At times I have succumbed to temptation to put her against my Father, whom she is not a fan. Those days often end in my heart broken as I often offend her in those moments with terrible piercing words that cause her pain. Yet as a loving mother, swift to protect your child, she scolds me where needed then accepts my heartfelt apologies when offered.

I give my heart to my mother. I wander this world in search of truth. She has offered me a truth I can accept. I give my life to her. Today is a special day for her as well. It is the start of Spring in the Celtic tradition. As a Mother Goddess she is a life-giving force. Nature welcomes her warm presence. She also looks after livestock and farm animals. In addition to my own heart, I also dedicated my cat, Buddy, to her on Mabon as well. He shares in my appreciation for his Spiritual Mother. She also offers me advice in regards to being a mother to my cat.

Today I honor her. I share my story how the two of us met so others may learn of her love. If you feel her calling to you fear not, she is a loving mother. Kind and patient but stern as needed. She will pick you up but only when you need her to. She goes out of her way to help you find your own inner strength. The power within. She has helped me find my own power. Here today I nod my head in respect for my Mother Goddess. I tendered her a mild offering in honor of this day.

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