I keep forgetting how much I adore Batman

Unlike Spider-Man where I can skip out on a movie because of it’s mistreatment of the character I admire, I am categorically incapable of not watching every single Batman movie as it comes out. Fortunately for me I have the resolve not to pay to view them in a theater. I haven’t seen a Batman film on the big screen since he took on Superman in a pre-Justice League romp. So I sit here unsure if I should risk the COVID-19 crowds to sit in an auditorium to view The Batman during it’s theatrical run?

I sit here watching Batman Begins reminded once again why despite all the hype around the MCU I will always prefer DC comics. Batman will always be my absolute favorite Superhero. One of the reasons why I prefer Batman over Spider-Man or other MCU heroes is because The Dark Knight uses his brain rather than his brawn to win fights. Sure he punches his way through thugs but he is more known as the world’s greatest detective. As a fan of Agatha Christie it was a no brainer I would become attracted to a detective with a super cool car. Vroom vroom.

Batman Returns was the first film that featured the Caped Crusader I watched on the big screen. It too was a darker affair than his typical film. That darker tone of a vigilante unafraid to use violence to solve crimes is one of my favorite aspects of Batman as a character. Oh sure I enjoy my camp iteration as much as anyone else but I am especially drawn to the tone of his stories.

It’s easy for me to picture myself getting excited for The Batman. Even though I might have to hype myself up. AS much as he is my all time favorite hero, even I am burned out on all the Batman content we’ve had recently. Gotham was by far my favorite of the CW DC television adaptations. From the first moments of that show I knew I was going to be all in. Detective Comics is one of the few books I continue to get delivered to my mailbox month after month. There will likely never be a hero I enjoy more. So why am I burned out? Why am I not excited for this new film?

In a word, Joker. Specifically the amount of Joker’s we have had to endure in the last three decades. In 2009 it was easy for my friends and I to discuss who was the best Joker. At that time there were three to discuss. Then Jared Leto entered the mix. Then another and another. Pretty soon there were more actors who have portrayed the character than members of the JLA. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the point stands. For as many Joker’s we have had we have had twice as many Bruce Wayne/Batman’s. It’s too much for my fragile cluttered brain to keep track of completely.

Do I want to see The Batman? Absolutely! Just not right away. I need to give my brain a rest. It would be different if we weren’t getting new Batman content every other year it seams. Not to mention Gotham itself had a pretty decent run. It’s the same reason why despite my unwavering love of all things Star Wars I haven’t brought myself to viewing any of the new Disney+ shows. I just need a break. There’s too much to keep track of right now for me. Unfortunately I fear the longer I wait to get caught up the harder it will be when that time comes. For now I will await patiently for The Batman to make it’s way to one of the streaming services. Until then I will settle for the stories that turn up monthly in my mail box.

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