Why we need more trans content and what I am doing about it

Why do I produce so much trans content nobody is even going to bother to consume? I make a podcast only people who listens are my girlfriend and my adopted daughter. I produce YouTube videos only a handful of people watch despite being told it’s quality content. I even write three to five articles a week digging into the mind of a broken trans woman that barely get’s a dozen reads or so at a time. I have over 3,000 followers who like and retweet my stuff but apparently don’t bother consuming. What am I doing wrong?

This isn’t to say I am not eternally grateful for every read, listen or view I do get, as I am; it’s just more like I don’t get how so many people can follow me, root for my projects and claim they support what I do yet don’t even bother checking out what I produce, for their benefit.

I hate complaining. Maybe this is contemplative reflection. My way of deciding if I am even getting what I set to get out of these various projects. I never question am I spreading myself too thin. I know how desperately we need more quality trans content. I also know I am one person doing the work of three teams of people by myself for the most part. I get some help from a few people behind the scenes occasionally but for the most part I do all the heavy lifting on all of my content. Especially the blog.

The hardest thing for me is pouring all my energy into so many projects I don’t seem to get any reward for doing. I mean listen we need quality trans content. I can’t be the only one producing it and I certainly am not. But I am going out of my way to make sure I produce a wide variety of content. Why? Because we desperately need more positive visibility. It’s that simple.

Let me break down the content I produce for each audience. First up The Stephanie Bri Show. This is a podcast with video I produce FOR trans people but also for everyone else. Think Ellen, she’s gay but her show isn’t about being gay. Same here I am trans but my show has little to do with being trans. It’s just quality content that happens to be produced by a trans woman.

Next up is The Trans Station. This show is a news talk show FOR trans people but ALSO about trans people. It’s a unique show dedicated to providing a news talk show similar to Last Week Tonight or similar shows but entirely focused on trans people and issues. This is important because it isn’t just about visibility it’s about giving a voice to trans issues that might otherwise get swept under the rug.

Then we have Stephaniebri.com this here blog. This is a special type of content. It’s my reflections on what life is like, through the lens of being trans gender. It’s as simple as that. It’s a way for me to write down my experiences and feelings so other trans people and our allies can better understand our struggles. It’s also a fun place to write articles just for entertainment.

The point of everything I do is to normalize trans people. I want to demonstrate you can be trans but not make that your entire identity. All of the content I produce is important in its own right. That’s what makes it going unnoticed disheartening. I know if more people found it they’d enjoy it but how do I get it out there? Even if all I end up doing is inspiring someone else to do it better and more successful than I did my part. I am trying to change the world but I can’t do it alone.

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