25 Comedies to see before you die

I love to laugh. I enjoy watching a good, raunchy comedies or a slapstick romp. I even find myself enjoying the occasional romcom or ten. This is my list of 25 totally hilarious comedies everyone should watch. As with all my lists these are not ranked. The numbers are organizational only. Enjoy.

1. Dumb and Dumber

A fantastic road trip movie about two doofuses who go on a quest to return a wealthy woman her brief case. Their adventure takes them across the United States in a laugh fest you won’t wanna miss.

2. Clerks

Sure it is black and white but this 90s staple is a time capsule of a brief period of time when grunge rock was beginning to dominate the airwaves, slacker culture was starting to take shape and the world was introduced to the fabulous comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob for the first time.

3. The Mask

A Live Action Tex Avery cartoon. What more can you ask for? As if that wasn’t enough throw in Jim Carrey in one of his early defining roles, mix in a completely danceable Cuban Pete dance number and put some Cameron Diaz on top of this hot fudge sundae of comedy gold and you got yourself the recipe for a fun time.

4. Mr. Mom

This movie has not aged well. The premise, a high powered career driven man loses his job while his housewife goes to work at a big advertising agency. The comedy comes from the trope men can’ take care of the kids. Meanwhile it’s still a neat flick to revisit as it is as much fun laughing at the odd stereotypes from back in the day as it is laughing at the childish antics lead Michael Keaton falls into.

5. Back to the Future

It’s a sci-fi comedy classic. This action-adventure time-travel thrill ride takes audiences back from the rocking 1980’s to the rock n rolling 1950’s. This movie is beyond iconic so what are you waiting for, a crazy, wild-eyed scientist to drop out of the sky?

6. The Breakfast Club

Tae a bunch of misfit outcasts, mix them into a Saturday detention in the library with a couple of out of place jocks and watch them tear the place a part as they try to stave of boredom with anything but the assigned homework task given them by the teacher. This is a heart warming flick about teenagers learning to get along and not judge each other too much

7. Weird Science

Take two dorks with a computer, plug into the information super highway with help from a bolt of movie magic lightning and bam you have a sexy film about a hot super model showing them the ropes of puberty, popularity, and posterity in one night of debauchery. Also Robert Downy Jr. makes a surprise appearance as a douchy bully.

8. Super Troopers

It’s a bit on the what the fuck side. It’s a lot on the beyond absurd. It’s a laugh riot from start to finish. This film follows a bunch of misfit highway patrol officers as they write tickets in their attempt to turn boredom into excitement.

9. American Pie

It’s on the raunchy side. It starts out a simple teen rom com with a group of teenage boys making a pact to lose their virginities before prom. It turns into a sex fueled wet dream when the protagonist decides to lose his to a baked good rather than a human female.

10. Rat Race

Ever been to the flashy casino’s in Las Vegas Nevada? Then you know what to expect when a bunch of tourists who suck at gambling are enticed into competing in a race to the finish to collect a large sum of money for the amusement of a bunch of high roller problem gamblers.

11. Throw Momma From The Train

A lesser known Billy Crystal tale featuring him working with Danny DeVito to stage the perfect murder of an over bearing smother. The movie pits dimwitted DeVito against the sarcastically inclined Crystal as the two clash over the seeming murder of his own ex-wife.

12. Mallrats

Take the smart dialogue fueled by the same sexual tension that drove Clerks, up the ante a hundred fold, set it inside a massive 90s era shopping mall and bring lovable goofs Jay and Silent Bob back to sabotage a rigged dating game show and you get a fucking funny movie that is sure to tickle your funny bone for damn sure. This has an all-star cast of who’s who of 90s teen idols.

13. Can’t Hardly Wait

High school graduation day. The party of the century. A romcom mixed with teen angst, 90s era music, dorky but funny kind nerd Seth Green himself. This movie delivers the goods ’nuff said.

14. Mumford

Talk about a strange film. This movie starts out seemingly innocent enough. A con artist pretending to be a therapist scamming elderly people. Then he falls for one of his patients shortly after meeting a rich dude who risks unravelling his ruse.

15. Pleasantville

A 90’s romcom teen dramedy set in the 50’s set against a social commentary on racism and youth culture glamorized in TV Land style 50’s TV idol worship. A movie that starts in color, goes to black and white then intermixes the two in a artistic blend that will leave the viewer in a daze.

16. Empire Records

If you thought Clerks was good you’ll LOVE Empire Records. Think of it as the alternative rock glam remix Beck would do of Clerks. Slap a fresh coat of paint this time in color and you are in for a damn good time.

17. Chasing Amy

Two up and coming comic book creators torn apart when one man falls head over heals in love with a lesbian rival. Fair warning it features a trope of lesbians being bored hetero girls looking for adventure and some cringy flip flopping of fluid sexuality that could be considered problematic by today’s audiences. It’s still a fabulous gay time worth a watch.

18. Office Space

Imagine Dilbert comics brought to life with a Daria twist. Okay it’s not exactly that but it is a funny movie poking fun at corporate America.

19. Ghost World

Speaking of Daria ever wondered what that 90s MTV staple would be like if it were a live action film? While this isn’t exactly that it pretty much is. It’s Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi and the Scarlett Johansen herself! No spoilers just watch it alright!

20. Austin Powers

It’s Back to the Future in reverse for the 90s. It’s the Spice Girls era brought to life on the big screen. It’s Laugh In revived for the grunge era. It’s Mike Myers and Mike Myers and Mike Myers and Seth Green! That’s all you need to know.

21. The Great Outdoors

John Candy and Dan Ackroyd take their families on vacation from Chicago to Canada and comedy gold ensues. Read that sentence again and buy, rent or stream this masterpiece asap.

22. Tommy Boy

A coming of age film where a doofus tries to take over is late fathers break pad factory. He goes on a road trip to save the company. He drags his biggest rival along with him and runs into all kinds of comedy antics.

23. Ghostbusters

It’s a perfect blend of sci-fi, horror and comedy. This 5-star comedy blockbuster hit brings four comedy geniuses together in a entrepreneurial venture into ghost busting.

24. Ferris Beuler’s Day Off

Ever wanted to skip school? This 80s comedy hit will show you how to do it and get away with it too! Again set in Chicago. These three teenagers make a day of playing hooky while fooling all the adults around.

25. Dogma

I could pretty much tell you to watch the entire Kevin Smith led New Jersey Chronicles and you’d be set but I cherry picked the four from that film franchise you need to watch most and here is the best for last. This one sees Jay and Silent Bob tag along as two angels and some rejects try to stop God and the Devil from destroying the universe.

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