Profiling a deity Part Two: My Matron Goddess The Triple Goddess Brigid

Brigid comes in a variety of forms. She also watches over a large swatch of the world considering her real of influence. She is a Triple Goddess who watches over the Hearth, Poetry and Smiths. She is also a fire goddess and a healer, attributed to fire and water. What makes her so interesting isn’t just her triple nature. It is how she has survived and adapted over the years. 

Brigit is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann or “People of the Goddess Danu.” They were the most prominent figures in Celtic mythology. She has been worshiped and revered throughout all of the British Aisle, which consequently are named for her, but also over large parts of mainland Europe. When the Christians attempted to force convert all of the Celtics to Catholicism they were unsuccessful in stamping her out. Thus she was adopted into the Catholic faith as St. Brigit. From there her followers, along with indentured Irish servants and African slaves mixing in the Caribbean was adapted again by those who practice voodoo where she became Maman Brigitte. 

This adaptability has served her well as a deity who has found a way to remain in the hearts of thousands of her followers across the globe. She is revered in Paganism, Christianity, Wicca and other religions the world over. This is part of what makes her special, but not at all why she is my Matron Goddess. 

First, I selected nearly all female or gender-neutral deities, Yahweh and his son being the most notable exception. She is my Matron because she is primacy among my goddesses. Brigid isn’t just a goddess I picked on a whim. She called to me. My middle name is Bri, it is a shortened form of her name. I didn’t pick the name specifically because of her, it was a name that felt right. I attributed her to the source of the name as when I called to her seeking if we were compatible she not only answered my call she pointed out to me it was her who called to me. 

One of the other reasons I felt compelled to honor Brigid was because she is a goddess of poetry and smiths. As a creative person who relies heavily in being creative for a living, it felt natural to have a relationship with a deity known for inspiring creative types. 

At first I thought I was called to Danu but there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest Danu was either ever real or alive today. Considering how counterproductive it would be to seek power and wisdom from a deceased deity who lacks the ability to interject, it makes sense to seek deities that are revered today who have a following and who are more likely to still be listening to the prayers of mortal humans. 

Brigid is also special to me in other ways. She was the first non-Christian spirit I ever conversed with. She was the first of any deity I bought an idol to represent. I have also placed said idol in a prominent place in my kitchen where she can watch over me as well as receive the fire from my stove whenever she wants. I have had to step back from burning candles in her honor for the time being. However I find she offers a blessing as she looks over my kitchen. She is also special to me because on Mabon, the Fall Equinox, I performed a small ritual dedicating my heart to her. As such she has since become my Matron Goddess and the one I turn to almost daily. 

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