My thoughts on the Netflix Chappelle ordeal and the compan’s response

I am flat out not going to get into the Dave Chappelle stuff. That guy can fuck himself and that’s all I have to say about that. What I want to discuss is the response Netflix has taken regarding the backlash.

I was reading some articles online yesterday, one in particular caught my eye. It had a response from some higher ups within Netflix who basically shrugged it off as the specials make them money so they’re fine with them.

That is the bigger issue here. It’s not about should a comedian have the right to spew hate towards a marginalized group. As much as we find that disgusting, it is protected free speech in some regards. Not free speech I support but I won’t get into that right now. The bigger issue is how profitable hate speech itself has become. The very fact these specials where he dumps on trans people are so popular Netflix dares not remove them is telling. It says to me that our culture values their own feelings over everyone else, and it reminds me of the dangers of capitalism. Someone of African descent should know all to well what lengths rich white guys will go to in order to obtain wealth. Maybe he forgot that part of our countries history?

It is also telling that his “comedy” is so well received. It goes back to my first point, how the majority take comfort in our suffering. It is a reality trans men and women know all to well. It isn’t just the fact his special exist that is the issue, but that they are so popular the capitalists are celebrating their success. That sickens me. It further reinforces why we are under constant attack. All this shit head has been has done is given the fucknuts more fuel for their vitriolic assault on our rights.

He is giving them justification to attack us. That is the real danger. When people compare the plight of LGBTQ+ people to that of African Americans it includes LGBTQ+ people of color. We know all to well how deadly being a black trans woman is in this country, yet this asshat conveniently forgot that. It’s almost as if he say the political climate and realized he could get rich dumping on us, his soul be damned he pocket book was about to be fat and that’s all that mattered to him.

You may notice I often refrain from profanity in my writings. While I often drop F-bombs on my podcast or in YouTube videos, I try to keep this clean, for the most part. I can’t write about Dave Fucking Dumb Ass Chappelle without calling him an asshat piece of shit fucknuts capitalist tool. It would be irresponsible for me to do so otherwise. This shit has got to stop. Yes we need to band together to boycott his filth and stop giving a platform to haters. That is the real issue. Netflix ignores the countless hours of transphobic content on their site because they threw us a couple bones to “prove” their commitment to diversity. Bullshit they are slaves to Capitalism and the almighty profit not us. Look at how they are treating their trans employees who spoke out about it. That more than anything pisses me off. It further proves they value profits over our safety. Now those employees are publicly blasted and could very well become targets of violence themselves. Right now I am beyond disgusted with Netflix more so than the bigot they gave a platform too. And there is the problem. Capitalism is larger then all of us and until we change that system hate will always be profitable in a country filled with haters.

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