A sisters love can never end

a lonely chipmunk once sat in a tall tree looking in the window

It longed for a place it could belong for it had nowhere to go

It had wandered the woods all its days looking for a home

it sailed the sees with the rats it’s life destined to roam

from tree to tree, park to park it never did belong

it made a friend along the way that taught it a helpful song

“love will find you when it’s time

until that day when all is fine

look to the wind it will guide you

when life is ready your love will find you”

the tree rat kept that song close in its heart

all its days when life tough it’s nature was to depart

one day a bird sat in a tree singing that very tune

it felt like destiny the chipmunk was over the moon

The bird and rodent became more than friends, indeed family

The rodent felt a love so strong it felt grafted into that tree

the two did fight though day and night despite their growing love

the chipmunk decided it hurt the bird too much, the bird had had enough

the chipmunk left the tree tears in its eyes

it never cried like it did that night its love the birdie died

But bird reached out and made it right with a warm embrace

it scolded the rodent for putting worry upon its tired face

the bird insisted the two would live as sister all their remaining days

the chipmunk was glad the two would in tandem run life’s rocky race

Hearts broken and mended the two found a way to live in harmony

as they grow older the chipmunk is very happy it climbed that sturdy tree

Published by

Stephanie Bri

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