Being queer is a war: Part one how to get involved

Before you can fight you must be armed with knowledge. You need to study queer history. At the bottom of this article are links to articles you should read about, events in our past that will guide you forward. This is more a directive on how to get involved less on why to get involved.

We have so much to fight for I don’t even know where to begin. That is what people often ask me when I tell them to get involved to stand up they say where do I start. I often say do anything. Write a letter to your representatives at all levels. Write a letter to the President or PM of your country. Write a letter to your local sheriff, local police chief, local judges, etc., pleading with them to meet with queer people and learn their stories. Write anonymously if you must for safety but WRITE letters to everyone. Write to the school board superintendent and individual board members asking them to back and enforce inclusive policies.

I can’t do all the work for you but I can give some steps you can take to be more involved.

Letter writing is more effect than you think. Quite often a politician has a certain view simply because they don’t know any better. Many hate us but not all who misrepresent us do so out of hate. Most are out of ignorance. The best thing for our cause you can do is be yourself. Be your authentic self. Do no be afraid. They will hate you. Be ready for that. They will dismiss you. Be prepared. It’s a harsh part of our reality but coming out to any part of the rainbow instantly brands you a target and there is nothing you can do about that until, or unless, we enact change. Change starts at the ground level.

Start at the local level too. Remember the person who will sit in the U.S. Senate seat replacing your current senator could very well be your county judge right now. The future President of the United States could very well be the school board president of your local school district right now. Even so, politicians who climb the ladder start at the local level so must we.

I have written letters and made phone calls. I’ve seen change come in hearts come about because of that. But not everyone likes to write or is skilled at it. Not everyone has the time so what else is there?

You can give money to organizations that do the fighting for you. Give to Mermaids, National Center for Transgender Equality, The Trevor Project, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Stonewall, GenderGP, so so many others. Find an organization fighting for a cause that you believe in that will advocate for your interests and subscribe to their mailing list. Get their newsletter ad stay informed. When you hear a call to action consider what can you do to help.

What if you want to do more? GREAT. You can see if one of those organizations has a local chapter you can join. Maybe help fundraise. Maybe help spread awareness. Maybe help organize community outreach events. The point is we don’t always have to march in the streets with our picket signs. Sometimes just being seen is enough, is MORE than enough to solicit change. If you have a local queer business close by go out of your way to support it. Tip the staff a little extra too if you can. Also support queer content creators. The more we are out there the more they have to accept us. If you can, start your own LGBTQ+ etsy shop and sell crafts. Do whatever you can to further the community. If you see a crowdfunding link to help a queer person out, retweet it, share to your timeline, donate a buck if you can if nothing else.

If you have the gumption, the desire and the willpower to march, to sit in a protest, to throw eggs at courthouses then by all means resist your heart out. Do NOT be afraid to get arrested. You will. Take your licks, hold your head down till you are safe then hold it up HIGH, chest puffed out with pride you took a stand. You made a difference. Even if all you did was make a bigots day harder you succeeded.

Use social media to your advantage. Too often we block the trolls, haters, chasers and bigots. When in reality, even if it seems like a lost cause, engage with them. Be cordial and respectful. I mean it kill them with kindness and even their friends will turn on them. Then you won a new ally to our cause. We have to resist. We have to rise above them. We have to do better. Otherwise we’ve already failed. And listen, we’re LOSING the war we need to turn the tide. Even small victories are often set back with new pushbacks. It happens every time we win one they take three away.

If you are on the lgbtqia+ rainbow, like it or not you are already a political advocate for your cause, whether you like it or not. Know this though. You are not alone. You have support from within and outside the community. If you need help reach out to a queer person you trust. Use social media. Call one of the hotlines. Hell just go down to your local Planned Parenthood office and ask to speak to an ally. Whatever you need to do to stay safe. But remember this is a WAR there will be casualties. We must all be willing to die for the cause otherwise when they do get your it will be for nothing. Don’t let your life be a waste. Fight by any means you are capable of doing. If you need help ask for help. If you want to write a letter and need ideas ask me, I am a professional writer with inside connections to many politicians even several who are anti-LGBT. I will do my part in being a guiding force. A voice for the voiceless.,Village%20neighborhood%20of%20New%20York

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