What I wanna be when I grow up, for real this time

You often hear about the kid who can’t decide what they wanna be when they grow up. You know the one who see’s a fireman on field trip day and proclaims that’s what they wanna do for the rest of their life. Then after watching Jurassic Park they wanna be a dinosaur hunter. Eventually they cycle through so many different “careers” their guidance counselor gives up and suggests they drop out of school. That kid was me.

My life is odd for sure. By the numbers I have had 77 jobs, moved 62 times, owned 26 cars, attended 10 schools and four colleges. I was the kid who never could decide what I wanted to be because I didn’t wanna settle for one thing. If you asked me today what is my dream job I can’t give you the same answer as I would have had you asked me last week, and it will be a completely different answer should you wait another week to ask me.

That’s the beauty of having a free spirit such as myself. When I was a kid I wanted to be everything that looked fun. And for the most part, I’ve done it! I didn’t wanna settle on one career when I could have them all. It’s like Pokemon you gotta catch ’em all. That’s me. Three months ago I was talking about going back to school to become a scientist for real. Why? Because I was working, as a temp, at science lab doing medical testing. I thought it would be a fun, change of pace for me. Instead I went through a couple more temp jobs, and a few more career paths, before landing where I currently am. And I emphasize currently because we all know I won’t be here in five years. Whenever an employer asks me where will I be in five years I honestly and proudly proclaim no clue, wherever life leads me. But I back it up with the things I have done. I say I will rise to the next challenge. I will identify the next career goal I want to obtain, do it for a satisfying length of time, and move on to the next thing. The only thing left on my bucket list is to be a rock star and I think I can substitute that for kick ass podcast host in a few short weeks.

I can’t say I have had all of my dream jobs. I never did become a dinosaur hunter or an astronomer. But I can say I did at the very least take proper steps towards the vast majority of them. When I was 12 I wanted to be an electrician. I don’t know why or where it came from just thought it would be cool. At 25 I found myself unemployed and thought to myself my brother was a plumber, his brother was doing HVAC, maybe I should become an electrician. I went down to the county office got my apprentice license and found a job as an electrical apprentice. Did I stick with it? No, but I friggin did it and it was a blast!

I don’t look at those 77 jobs I have had as failures. I look at them all as having taken steps towards doing everything there is to do. My one goal in life is to die with as few regrets as possible. At least I can say I will not regret never trying out for this job or that job. Hell I even applied for jobs I was nowhere near qualified for and sometimes I get ignored but once in a blue moon I land a rare interview I am not prepared for. I never get those pie-in-the-sky jobs but it always puts a spring in my step knowing I was able to shoot for it and at least get the interview. I mean that’s a real skill mind you. Two months ago I walked out on a job, by the end of the week I had gone on four interviews and landed the job I had been gunning for in the first place. That’s what I do. I set my sights on something, I throw all my energy into getting that thing and then  discard it a month later once I become bored with it. I love my life.

The best part of having done all my dream jobs is I can say I have had my dream job. Even now, data entry clerk at a big office was a job I dreamt of having multiple times over the years. I never knew, nor cared frankly, what they did, I just wanted the job. And currently I am loving it. Tremendously.

I never got to be a dinosaur hunter myself but luckily I did push my sister into an anthropology dig she got to do that was aired on one of those science shows. I don’t know which one Discovery or PBS maybe but still I spread my mojo to those around me helping encourage them to chase their dreams too.

The reason I share this is simple. I never had ONE dream job, I had many. And that’s okay too. If you are made fun of for having multiple dream jobs just do what I did, prove everyone wrong by doing them all. You don’t have to let them push you down and say pick one and stick to it. Why bother living such a boring life? I can’t imagine having lived in the same place, doing the same thing, going to the same school working the same boring job. Not. For. Me.

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