And the news you have all been waiting for…drum roll…

I would like to introduce everyone to my latest concept. The Stephanie Bri Show.

This is a refining of all the ideas I have had bouncing around in my head for some time now. It is essentially a culmination of all the different endeavors I have pursued over the years. In other words this is the show I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to before.

In many ways it will resemble my previous two podcasts, The Spiders Lair Show and The Dark Web Podcast. In other ways it will appear fresh and new. But how so?

At it’s core this show will be more like a typical talk radio show in that it will run on the longer side. It will cover multiple areas of interest and it will give me the freedom to talk about the things that are important to me. Where it will be different is I will make it more structured. I won’t let the cat entirely out of the bag yet, spoilers and all that. Instead I want to provide a preview of what I am working on and why this is what I needed to do.

First, it will be more structured. I owe a lot of this to my big sister Robin for this part. She noticed I had potential to do great things but I really lacked focus. She helped me find my focus. The way it will be structured is I will break the show’s topics down into segments. Each segment will cover a specific topic.

Second, the show will be more focused. Like before I will have topics that focus on things I find interesting but where it will be different is they will be tied to certain topics. Not to mention the entire show will be told with a transgender slant. This will allow me to keep each segment devoted exclusively to that particular topic.

Third, it will be LGBT friendly. In other words this show is a part of my vision of living in a world where transgender people are seen as normal people. I want to produce content as a trans person other trans people will want to consume but I want it to remain accessible to those who aren’t transgender. For me it is important we have content that is trans-produced that is no different than the same content being produced by a cis gendered person. I just want it to be a show you can find entertaining whether you are trans or not.

Fourth, the show will be more polished than previously. I will have music, transitions and higher production values. I will be drawing upon all of my skills as a broadcasting major with experience in the commercial media production industry. It is important for me to treat this endeavor like a legit investment. This is what I pictured The Dark Web would be before I killed it after I came out trans.

What topics will I cover? Spoilers. No I will put it together soon enough. The first episode will drop on my birthday next month. That is something I planned when I left the Transposed Podcast. For those keeping track I left that show so I could let my sister have her show back how she originally envisioned it while I took time to refocus my energy on finding what I really wanted to do next.

Mark your calendars as The Stephanie Bri Show will drop on Sept. 7, 2021.

What about the blog? YouTube? Facebook Lives? Yes. Those are coming back but not in the same way as before. More to come on that later. Facebook will return first. The blog, obviously, is living on as it always has. YouTube will be down the road a little ways.

That is all I have for now this was my big announcement I wanted to share.

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