Getting closer to the next chapter of my life, apartment hunting with a straight male roommate

This September I will be doing something I haven’t done before in my entire life. I will be apartment hunting with a roommate that isn’t my sister.

It will also mark the second male roommate I will have ever had. Previously I lived with each of my sisters at various points in time, a few aunts and uncles and of course grandparents off and on over the years as well as my parents.

The last time I had a male roommate was when I lived with Dominic. See my article I wrote about him for more on how that ended.

The guy I am looking at apartments with is not someone I am romantically involved with. I honestly can’t say we never considered that possibility but as things stand we’ve mutually decided to be friends.

And that’s the best part right there. He and I have only known each other since March but we have already become friends. We chat nearly every single day. Mostly via messenger but we also share TikTok and YouTube videos, trade memes and gifs, and of course hunt Pokemon together in Pokemon Go. Our friendship is one I value tremendously.

Which is why I am super excited not only to be getting back into my own space, but also moving in with a friend for the first time in ages. Someone I hope to form a lasting bond with.

That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed my time living with my sister Robin and her wife. I have and believe me it is time I will cherish all my days. But let’s face it I moved to the city to start a new chapter in my life and this is it. Things are finally starting to look up. If this were a horror movie now is the time the bathtub falls out of the sky and lands on my head. If it were a romantic comedy I foresee getting my heart broken at least three times before Mr. Right shows up to save the day at the very end. Probably somebody I completely brushed off but they’ve obsessed over for years lol.

It isn’t a movie though, it’s my life. I can honestly say if you read this blog you might get the sense I’ve had a rough life. While that might be true to an extent, and yes I have experienced my share of heartache and neglect over the years, the truth is I can honestly say I have had a wonderful life thus far. If it were a movie it would be a smash hit worthy of multiple Oscar nominations.

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