Why the transposed podcast is so important to me now

I know I’ve lost a lot of my audience and readership because I stop talking about comic books and horror movies and shifted more of my focus towards transgender issues but there’s something you need to know. The reason why I was a recluse in the first place what drew me to the safety of comic books and video games in the was escapism from the harsh reality of being transgender in a world that hates trans people. And because I always used those things as a way to hide my transgenderness so yeah I’m going to talk more about what’s important to me.

A few weeks ago I started a new podcast what’s another trans woman name Robin Alura. And this podcast has given me a new purpose in life new meaning to what I do. It’s not to say I won’t continue doing the Spiders Lair, where I will still talk about those pop culture things that are important to me but obviously with a trans twist.

But the transposed podcast is so much more important to me and that’s where I want to focus my energies right now.

I rarely if ever take sides on political issues because professionally I’m a journalist. My livelihood has depended on me being an impartial journalist at various news outlets over the last half-decade. And while I won’t take a public stand on issues I’m sure as hell going to shine a light things that aren’t right. I’m going to share my experiences and observations while also learning about other people in the transgender community.

When I started originally my first podcast it was just noise a distraction something for me to do on my days off. After I made the decision to tell my audience I was trans and then to slowly start revealing the real me I watched my numbers plummet I went from getting two to three hundred listeners per episode te barely 20 to 30 that was a big drop and I’m sure some of it was because of transphobes who didn’t want to listen to me become something they hated. But I’m sure some of it was also you know I stopped talking about the things that they came there to hear about. So I rebranded a couple of times and now I’m back to talking about comic books and horror movies and bullshit but I’m still going to talk about trans related issues. But the transposed podcast that’s different.

I’m trying to build something new from the ground up. I know there’s a smaller audience for a podcast that talks about transgender issues but to be fair there’s hundreds of podcast talking about comic books and horror movies so if I reach a smaller audience I’ll be fine with that as long as they get something out of it as long as it means something to them.

I struggled with being transgender for 37 years of my life hiding in the closet. I’ve only been visible for about 8 months now and my life has been thrown upside down and turned inside out as a result. I knew the day I told my boss I was a trans woman and was going to begin transitioning it was the death march to the end of my job at that TV station. And I’m not going to say they were transphobes or bigots or that it was a direct result but I can honestly say everything changed everything around me changed and everybody around me changed the way they reacted to me and that made it difficult to go to work everyday.

So what I want to accomplish with this new podcast is basically I want to provide a safe space where trans people and trans allies can come together and learn about what we go through what we do as trans people learn about our struggles. Because I will tell you right now a good Ally is just as important as another trans sister or brother.

So I’m asking if you are a listener of the spider’s Lair podcast or if you read this blog I am begging you to check out transposed especially if you are trans yourself or lgbtq at all. You can find it by going to ww.w.Transposed.Podbean.com.

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