Taking the website in a new direction, sort of

When I set out to create this website I had a very loose idea of what I wanted to do with it. Initially it was partly a blog where I could process the things I discovered in life. Often times writing about my personal habits, milestones etc. It was also partly an avenue for me to hone my writing skills as I navigated the muddy waters of college and sailed into the corporate world of creative writing as a profession. It also served partly as a site for me to share my memories and thoughts on topics that I enjoyed ranging from comic books to video games, toys, horror movies as more. At no point in that did I ever lock it down into a single format, theme or topic. In fact the reason I settled on my tagline being Where Chaos Resides is simply for the fact I never wanted to tie myself down.

Much like my own life this place is ever changing. I have moved countless times in my lifetime. I have had more jobs than I can even remember. I have had very few things I can consider to be stable in my world. Even my hobbies and interests are flexible as I found myself going from model trains, to programming computers and designing video games to painting, reading and collecting comic books, then toys and video games to collecting and obsessing over old movies and TV shows. The truth is I float through life ever seeking something new to  hold my attention for a time before I move on to the next experience.

There is an old saying that I use as kind of a springboard. It refers to the jack of all trades yet master of none. In a way that describes me. But I want to take it a step further. You see while I do admittedly bounce from one fleeting interest to the next I do have a few key elements that provide a common thread throughout it all.

That is where I want to take this website moving forward. To put it simply my goal is to write about whatever I feel like writing about. I don’t do this for you, the reader. I don’t do this for the audience. I do this for one person. Me. I do it for me. If I  have readers then great! Welcome aboard. If not that’s fine you probably weren’t ready for my brand of crazy anyways.

Despite constantly migrating from one format to the next while exploring several different topics over the years one thing has remained the same. I have held to a standard of editorial ethics that mandates I refrain from using profane or vulgar language in my writing. This has been a rule I have taken some liberties with as-needed on a case-by-case basis. Still, I have largely held to it.

So here is the sum of the changes I will be making to the site going forward. The first change was removing the admin account and transferring articles written under that banner to my new name. This has allowed me to further promote my transformation into the woman I am becoming.

The second change I am making is throwing caution to the wind, so to speak. What I mean by that is I am going to break the mold and write articles, posts, and other types of content that better reflects my range of moods. Some days I will write cohesive articles sticking to a strict editorial guidelines that will develop as I sharpen my skills. But I will also write incoherent gibberish legible only to me and my warped mind. This may manifest in many forms.

Third, and this is fucking serious! I am dropping the self-imposed language filter and proceeded forward with the same usage of fucks, shits and damns I use in my regular language, including my podcasts and YouTube videos where I have never held to the same filter. I realize this is only a slight departure from the norm but it is something that I am expecting will provide me with the flexibility to be more real.

Fourth, I am dropping the pretext. This is *MY* fucking website. I make the damn rules. In other words I will write about whatever the hell I damn well please. I have held to this to some extent while holding back in some ways. Not anymore. The new rule is simple. If I have a thought and I wish to express it or flesh it out, this is where I will be doing that moving forward.

This does not mean I won’t occasionally write a meaningful essay on Nintendo or some review of a new horror movie I just witnessed. What it does mean is I will broaden my range of writing styles while I tighten my focus to shave off the things I care little for. Instead I will just write whatever the fuck comes to my mind and not give a shit what people think. Period. Stay cool.

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