Celebrating PRIDE month~

Well, remembering is probably the better word, with everything going on in the world celebrate is the wrong mood right now.

That being said I want to honor the LGBTQIA people who are out there living their lives, fighting the good fight this Pride Month. Last year was a big deal for me. It was my first Pride event and I had a blast mingling with all the people out there. It was also the start of my journey of self discovery.

Okay it wasn’t the start of my journey, that began ages ago. But it was the start of my slowly opening my private life up to the people around me.

I hid in the closet for so long I started to get used to it. I realized that after some time I would eventually have to get over the fear of rejection that kept me from moving forward. Once I realized that I was not interested in being accepted by people who weren’t willing to accept me as-is I decided it was time to just be free of that burden. I am going to live my life and if it means I die alone so be it, it’s not like I am not used to being completely alone anyways.

There are a couple of things I want to do this summer different from last year. First, since I am no longer hiding in the dusty old closet of despair I want to talk more openly about things on my show and in other parts of my life.

I also want to do my part  buy having a different pride related topic each week on the podcast.


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