Yo! The Spiders Lair introduces B-Boy Week fools!

It’s B-Boy Week on The Spiders Lair, Where Chaos Resides.

This week THE RAT is talking all about different B-boy related, hip-hop elements. Specifically I tackle the conundrum of which is more fulfilling b-boy expression break dancing and pop locking or rapping and DJ’ing?

On Five for Five I talk about the five B boy tracks I like breaking to and the five I am tired of hearing.

There isn’t a What’s Streaming this week so I apologize for that, just no time and nothing worth mentioning, especially thematically.


What does it mean to be a B-Boy? Well simply put the term means break dancer. It also means someone who is an active member of the hip-hop community. In a general sense when using the term bboy or b-boy the meaning refers to the entirely of hip-hop culture not just dancing.

I grew up in the hip-hop community as a big fan of the culture. I wrote rap lyrics and recorded rap tracks. I was a DJ and turntablist who produced tracks for myself and others. I was also an avid breaker and pop locker. I preferred popping and locking to getting down on the ground, but I could bust out a worm 6-step then backspin combo if I was properly motivated.

What drew me into the hip-hop culture was plain and simple the people. As someone who was shunned quite often as being too much of a nerd, I wasn’t even that smart, I figured out the b-boys and b-girls didn’t seem to care. As a group they were largely all inclusive. Sure we were broken into crews or sets but the truth is we had a ton of mutual respect for each other, even our chief rivals.


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