Going to see Bumblebee on Christmas Day!

The day is almost here. All year I have been slowly building up anticipation for this day. Yeah, no it’s not Christmas or New Years. (I am writing an related post on those topics however.)

No its Bumblebee Day! I have been building up anticipation to see this movie for a while. When I first learned they were making a solo BB film, set in the live-action Transformers Universe, my initial reaction was the same as the last several films, eh, who cares.

Then I saw the trailer, began reading articles on it and suddenly I realized this was probably going to be the one Transformers movie to restore my hope in the franchise.

I must admit I love Transformers. Growing up I had plenty of the toys, cartoons and comic books to entertain me one way or another. I retained my G1 Bumblebee figure all these years. To this day it remains the only original Transformers action figure from my youth I still own. I suppose I will probably cherish that toy until the end of my life, or until such time as I can pass it on to an heir should that ever arise.

I will briefly summarize my experiences with the live action films so far. Briefly.

I loved the first one. I am sure if we are all being honest it was that rare moment in time when we all realized our dream had come true. It wasn’t a perfect movie but it was a DAMN GOOD one.

Then the second movie came along and ruined it for many. I, enjoyed it well enough but it certainly felt like it was dragging on. Every movie since has felt like excessive noise. It took me three days of watching a while then turning it off then going back to finish Dark of the Moon. I never finished the one after it, I tried but couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

Then there was what one or even two more films I completely missed. Besides personal changes shifting away from going to the movies, there was the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the return of Star Wars films in theaters to look forward to each cinematic viewing season. As such the Transformers movies, for me at least, fell by the way side.

Not this time. This one is too important to pass up. I will be there tomorrow with a group of family members to enjoy what is sure to be the best in the franchise, at least since the first. That is my hope anyways. I have set the bar -pretty low, considering what I have seen from the other films. Still, I have seen enough from the trailers to know it will probably be enjoyable, to me.

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