Favorite Fall activities

Halloween might be the unofficial start of the holiday season, but November is the true beginning of the meaningful holidays.

I can’t lie, the fall season is easily my favorite time of year. Everything leading up to Christmas, stopping at Thanksgiving along the way, is the most enjoyable time of year for  me.

I grew up, mostly, in Kansas. I enjoyed the changing of the seasons because the were very prominent. You knew when it was fall, winter, spring, and summer. Since I moved to Texas we have summer and the season they call winter which is mostly summer weather where I come from, in other words, it’s hot year damn round.

Here are a few of my favorite Fall memories.

1. Racking leaves

I mean it. I enjoy doing yard work. I always loved gardening, mowing and the like in the spring time but there is something peaceful about racking leaves, stacking them into a big pile and then jumping in. Get a couple of kids and a dog involved and suddenly you got a good time on your hands.

2. Taking a long walk in the park

I know this is also a good spring activity, but I prefer to take my long walks in the fall. I like walking around watching the leaves change colors as they fall to the ground. When I lived in Idaho I used to enjoy going for walks by the lake. Up in the mountains the lake air is nice and cool this time of year.

3. Football

I don’t get into football all year like some people. I do enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving. I also like to flip between that, the parade of course, and the NBA game also taking place that day. It’s the time of year I start to get more into football as things are starting to actually matter now. I do watch earlier season games, from time to time, but I don’t start getting into it until November.

4. NBA baby!

I love  NBA Basketball. Well, maybe not love it but it’s my sport of choice. The best part of the fall is NBA games are in full swing right about now. Unlike football, which only has 16 games in a season, I follow the NBA earlier in the season because the teams tend to play a little harder. You don’t have the pressure of making the playoffs this early in the season. By mid-March teams that know they don’t have a shot have already given up. So I can watch the Chicago Bulls take on the L.A. Clippers and know the two teams will be playing at their best.

5. The food.

Not just the BIG day, of course, I enjoy all the fall foods. This time of year you get cookies, cakes, pies, nuts, snacks, the list goes on. It’s also the cozy stay home and watch a movie/binge some TV season which is always a good time to snack.

6. Thanksgiving Day

I am a red-blooded American. For me, this is the single most important holiday to our nation. Sure, Independence Day get’s a lot of love but Thanksgiving Day celebrates the fighting spirit the original pilgrims had in order to survive to become a great nation in the first place. This one also goes along with the food. I don’t even mind the yelling, not this day it’s to be expected. I grab some pie, turn on a game and let it happen.

7. The parade

If I am in control of the TV I am watching the parade, the basketball game and the football game. There’s plenty of time to do all three. I love the parade because you get to see all the people trying to impress a national TV audience. I used to work for a local TV station and even now as a newspaper reporter I enjoy covering parades.

8. Christmas shopping

I am not one looking for the best deals. What I am looking for is the best gift. This is the time of year I really set aside what I want and go nuts trying to find the perfect gift for those on my shopping list. Sure, I have limited funds to go around. Don’t expect an expensive ugly Christmas sweater, just know it’s going to be something I felt captures whatever it is you specifically mean to me.

9. Decorating.

I don’t decorate much for Halloween. Most years I get a pumpkin if I remember and that’s about it. But I try to do as much decorating for Christmas as I can. Like many people, I prefer to get a head start in November ahead of the cold winter weather. No sense is freezing your hands while you fight to staple those raggedy old Christmas lights to the side of the house. It makes more sense to do it before the cold moves in.

10. Spending time with the family

Obviously these are not in order from best to worst. I make lists I number them, I don’t rank them. That being said this is the number 1 thing I enjoy about this time of year. It’s about catching up with those relatives who don’t really pay much attention to you the rest of the year. It’s also a great time to make new friends as there is always a family member somewhere breaking in a now partner.

What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

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