Welcome to the REVAMPED Spiders Lair YouTube channel- New Shows announced

It’s been less than a year since I started my newest YouTube channel, The Spiders Lair, to accompany this blog. I’ve been doing the podcast every week since Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, 2017. I launched a web series, The Dark Web TV as a companion to the podcast this past January. Due to a variety of reasons I canceled the show after just a few months.

I have been trying to come up with ideas for content I can produce on a regular basis that fit in with my creative vision for the website. I am here to announce those new shows coming to the channel.

I will be producing short form, medium form and long form content in the near future. Starting this week I will be launching several new types of videos. In the coming weeks, once I get some technology issues taken care of, I will be bringing back The Dark Web TV!

Here is the list of new shows coming to The Spiders Lair, with a description of the show and a time frame for launch.

Five for Five

This series has already had a soft launch last night. I am doing to be doing new videos called Five for Five. In one video I will share 5 things from a specific topic I like. Topics will range from movies, toys, games, collectibles to anything I can think of.

Then, there will be a companion video, Five things I dislike.

Five for Five videos will upload on Mondays and Tuesdays. I will upload the Likes video on Monday with a follow up video on Tuesday.

This or That?

Another short form video I will be doing on Wednesdays is called This or That? It will be a brief comparison between two different things in the same category. For example, Lethal Weapon or Die Hard, spaghetti or lasagna, Ice Cube or Ice T, etc. These will be short form videos I release on Wednesdays. As time progresses I will shoot for more polished, edited videos, as I can get internet to my laptop. In the meantime all videos will be shot on the cell phone an uploaded, unedited, directly to YouTube from the phone. This process will allow me to get more content out faster.

What’s Streaming?

These videos will make their return on Thursdays. These will be a little more edited. They will still be short videos but will be edited with b roll and graphics. Not this week as I don’t have things set up but I will be relaunching this series this week to get it going.

Collector’s Corner is also making a come back on Friday’s. This will also be the time slot I use to share any pickups or unboxing videos I might make. Each week I will pick a different item from my collection to share what it means to me, how I picked it up and why I bought it.

The Dark Web TV

I have removed What’s Streaming and Collector’s Corner from the show. The relaunch will be a return to form. Me, discussing different topics. It will be a companion to the Dark Web Podcast so chances are it will be mostly the same topics with just a quicker take on things. It’s likely to be fairly off the cuff and unscripted but it WILL be edited like before. Since I am shortening the length down to between 8 to 15 minutes per episode, it should be easier for me to stick with it. AS before, these videos will be shot, and hopefully edited and uploaded on Saturday’s. Chances are I might film on Saturday, edit on Sunday and upload Sunday evening, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the podcast.

I am also going to be setting up a web cam to start shooting video with the podcast to make uploading videos easier.

I hope with all this new content people will find the channel has a new focus for the coming year. I am going to try to work hard to making things better as time goes.


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Stephanie Bri

A transgender writer who also does podcasts and videos. If you like my writing please consider helping me survive. You can support me directly by giving money to my paypal: thetransformerscollector@yahoo.com. If you prefer CashApp my handle is @Stephaniebri22. Also feel free to donate to my Patreon. I know it's largely podcast-centric but every little bit helps. Find it by going to www.patreon.com/stephaniebri, Thank you.

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