Losing a mega ton of comic books

In the process of moving across country from Texas to Idaho I made the mistake of leaving town a little too early. I hadn’t properly prepared for the move, as a result I ended up leaving many items behind I now regret leaving behind. I tried, unsuccessfully for two weeks to get my sister to go over and help me gather up some of the stuff I left, but she ended up having kids, work, and life issues get in the way. She was finally able to get over there and as it turns out, she wasn’t able to save as many of the items I had wanted.

What I ended up losing was all of my single issue comics. All she was able to save was a few of the graphic novels and trade paperbacks. I don’t even know if she was able to save all of them.  basically told her save the Transformers, X-Men and Batman stuff, I just hope she is smart enough to discern which ones are included in those families that might not have the exact titles in them. Only time will tell what was actually saved and what was lost.

This isn’t the first time I left a ton of important things behind in order to move across country. Typically, however, the way it works is either I end up selling the excess stuff or I arrange for someone to store things for me in the short term. I wasn’t able to do that this time due to the nature of the situation coming up rather abruptly.

In the next week or so when my box arrives I will be able to assess what was saved and will write a new updated article cataloging what turns up. It’s kind of disheartening a little since I was just barely getting back into rebuilding my comic book collection after having sold them all off the last two times. At the very least I made sure to bring my X-Men Age of Apocalypse hardback trade just in case nothing else got saved. I hope she at least gets me the most important stuff if nothing else. I knew my comics were going to be the last thing I packed and as such I figured they wouldn’t be making the trip with me in my car. I had to prioritize and this time I put my foot down and made sure I brought all of my DVD’s and the few video games I knew I couldn’t live without.

I don’t even want to think about how many total comics I am going to end up losing over this deal. I am also not going to even begin collecting again for quite some time. Every time I end up moving I leave stuff behind. Each move leaves me with less stuff than before. I still haven’t even begun to replace my Transformers action figures so I know the comic books are a long ways down the priority list.

The worst thing about it all is knowing how many great issues and titles I will have to get over not having. I guess the silver lining is I can prioritize my collecting when I do get back into it. maybe this next time I will be more focused and just get the actual stuff I like. I guess at the end of the day it’s not so bad as a good chunk of them were just Free Comic Book Day giveaways. Oh well life goes on.

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