What are the best movie snacks?

Going to the movies or staying home on the couch, watching movies and eating junk food is an all-American past time. So what are the absolute best snack foods for the right movie watching experience?



Buttered is best, the more the better. If the popcorn is not dripping with butter then just add more butter. Weather you are going out on the town or sitting at home, the number one movie snack is of course buttered popcorn.

I don’t like to buy the “movie theater” popcorn. What I prefer is to buy a bag of raw seeds and cook them on the stove in a kettle. I cook them either with melted butter or I use vegetable oil to pop the seeds. I then like to get a bottle of that butter salt and sprinkle that onto the freshly popped corn. Sometimes I will add a layer of melted butter first before adding the butter seasoning. If I am in a hurry, broke, or just stuck doing the microwave popcorn, what I do is cook the corn first, melt the butter in a bowl and then mix it into one bowl, pouring it back and forth into another, larger bowl, to ensure the butter is evenly distributed. If you are going to snack with your movie, you might as well snack right.


Not red licorice, certainly not black licorice or just licorice for those that know the difference and you can keep those Red Vines to your self thank you very much. The best secondary snack to accompany your movie experience is a package of Twizzlers. Preferably the cherry ones but strawberry are just as good.

Reese’s Pieces

If there was on lesson to be learned from Stephen Spielberg’s alien film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (aside from how to NOW make a good video game) it’s that the proper sugary movie going snack is those little peanut butter candies.

Pepperoni Pizza

You can scarf down buckets of popcorn, bags of candies, and all the Twizzlers your stomach can handle, but the best meaty snack, by far, to have with a good movie is a slice of pepperoni pizza. The great thing here is it can be cold pizza, it can be thick crust, thin crush, Brooklyn style, Chicago deep dish, it really doesn’t matter but a nice slice of pepperoni pizza on the side of your movie goods is the best way to make sure you get that couch potato thing going just right.


The sugary snacks are fine but movies are best enjoyed with salty snacks. Popcorn is number one salty snack for movie goers, but a good bowl of pretzels can also hit the spot. Just be sure to have enough soda on hand or else you might over do it.


Normally I would say take your pick, a good cola or a root beer is probably best, but I could sit down with an orange slice, a Code Red Mountain Dew, or even a Dr. Pepper, it’s all good just make sure you have enough to balance out the salty snacks, but not too much to disrupt your movie going experience with unscheduled bathroom breaks.

There you have it, the best snacks for sitting down and watching a movie.

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