Another Cry for Dawn article because nobody cares

More specifically reflections on Faith, Wicca, stars, and some other stuff I have been holding back.


I recently started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning on Netflix. This is my first attempt to watch the entire show from start to finish, I plan on alternating between Buffy and Angel starting in Season 4 as that is how the shows aired on TV so I am hopping to get the full effect. I am okay with there being some continuity errors, I watch Doctor Who after all continuity is a four letter word for that show. Still even in just the middle of season 3, actually I am at the end there is just the 2 part finale to go, I will get to that tomorrow.

I have some gripes, thoughts and connections to other media I wanted to go over. I won’t go into the details because its late I need to get to sleep so I can work in the morning but here are some quick thoughts.

Obviously I like the show, especially the mythology behind it. I am not overly fond of Willow turning into a Witch and treating Wicca like it is some newly discovered X-men super power thing but I still like the character and the dynamic she adds to the show. A lot of people watched the show for Buffy, the cute slim blond who got what she deserved in I Know What You Did Last Summer. As for me, just like with How I Met Your Mother and the American Pie movies, I was attracted to Alyson Hannigan from the start. Yes I also thought Sarah Michelle Geller was hot too who didn’t but Willow was the kind of cute shy, smart nerdy type I was always into. Seeing her character evolve as she has was kind of painful for me at first, being a Christian I was opposed to her becoming a witch. Then I realized in the context of the show it wasn’t so bad.Then I realized if I was going to have a problem with that I might as well stop watching the show entirely.


This leads me to Dungeons and Dragons as usual. My first and favorite D&D campaign involved a haunted house in the haunted woods set behind a graveyard filled with all sort of undead creatures and the villain was a vampire sorcerer who was trying to raise some evil priest from hell. I didn’t get to finish the campaign because all my players moved away or I moved on or time went by, but I always liked how Buffy sort of reminded me of that campaign and so I began devising a new campaign set in the Buffy universe. Or at least loosely based on it. I would use a character similar to Dawn inplace of the Watcher or rather instead of Angel’s useless being. Speaking of Angel, no let me get to Faith first.


As much as I am torn over the direction Willow’s character is moving I am totally bummed what they are doing to Faith, I actually liked her better than the Jamaican slayer she replaced, until they turned her evil. I still think there is a chance they might redeem her but no need to get into decades old arguments of what went wrong there but I do envision in my campaign a character based on her that doesn’t exactly join forces with the bad guys but is similar in scope and dynamic. 


Angel, so far I HATE him and I wish they would have left him in hell. I can not believe that character got his own show. The chemistry between Buffy and Angel is terrible, at least with Willow and the werewolf there is chemistry even with Xander there was a believable chemistry but Angel is like Buffy’s boy toy but he is more a prop than a character. Nothing like Booth and Bones on that other show the Angel dude plays in those two have chemistry even if it was forced on the audience against their wishes.

In order to understand my obsession with the Dawn character you have to keep in mind when I was a teenager, I was heavily into the occult so her character was very much appealing to me. I outgrew most of that after turning my life over to the Lord and finding salvation in the one true God of the universe. I know some who would condemn a man for watching this stuff but I can think of several good reasons why it is perfectly acceptable. But Instead I just say who cares its a story it doesn’t have to be taken seriously.


Alright so my obsession with Dawn goes back to Cry For Dawn being what I always pictured for A Nightmare on Elm Street comic book, even though they actually did make one of those I still think the premise for Cry for Dawn would have worked much better. Also you can thank the folks at Wizard magazine the comic book magazine I read every month along side my Electronic Gaming Monthly, they ran a feature on the Dawn character once right when I was in the middle of expanding beyond just X-Men comics so I sort of developed a thing for her twisted reality right off, X-Men are great and all but the dark stories of the Dawn character were much more my liking.


I don’t always just like dark and scary stuff and Dawn is so much more than just a demon witch (they call her a godess in the books but I figure she is probably a demon witch instead) I never cared much for the whole witches can be good bit to me they are always evil but the Dawn books found a way to show the turmoil of a lost soul, something Christians often forget that these people are damned to Hell for eternity and they are suffering inside. Alright so it’s not exactly preaching but you get the point right? If you want to understand the suffering a lost person is going through you need to study their works, and I find the Dawn stories a good place to look, Buffy is also a good place to so if you like Buffy check out Cry for Dawn, then go from there.if you hate Buffy still check out Dawn she is a fascinating subject in literature, even if she mainly appears as a twisted demonbitch in a comic book nobody read.


None of that psycho bullshit about redheads either, I actually don’t have a preference so that has nothing to do with my obsession but the truth is it is rooted in a deeper torment that unfortunately I can not describe to those who have not suffered it themselves.

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