Modern Myths, UFO’s, Angels, and more

Recently I was watching a web video that I check out once in a while and they brought up a topic that I have been considering tackling for some time now. I am not sure if I want to turn this into a full blown series or not. I might offer my generalized views on some of these topics sans “real evidence” and see where it goes. I disagree with the notion that our internet culture has perpetuated this myth that everything needs to be proven in order for it to be fact.

Anyways the topics I intend to discuss are some that I have been considering for a while now so here they are, UFO’s/Aliens, Lochness Monster, Big Foot, Fairies, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Gods, Demons, Ghosts, Angels, Space Travel, Time Travel, Life After Death, ESP, Secret Societies, and cyborgs.  I might go into more depth with certain topics but for now I just want to throw some of my general thoughts down for others to consider.

I will tackle them one at a time so sit back and prepare for a whole bunch of controversy.


For starters I would like to distinguish between UFO’s and Extraterrestrials. I am skeptical that any government or even coalition of Governments could manage to come together to fully enact a complete cover up on something that would have such a huge impact on human society. I mean hell the governments of the world can’t even agree on Global Warming how the hell can anyone believe they are competent enough to secretly agree to cover up any contact with any extraterrestrial life.

I am not going to say the universe is so big there is a probability there might be life out there, that is nonsense. First off we do not know how big the universe really is, even the best estimates by the supposed experts are not consistent and if you really examine their evidence it’s dubious at best. We don’t know if the Universe is a billion light years across, or barely ten thousand light years, or even smaller, or larger. We don’t even know the shape of the universe, which makes any size estimates impossible.

There is a theory that suggests the universe is a giant bubble, well if we look too far part say Andromeda in one direction and measure the light from an object further from Andromeda in one direction how can we tell if the universe is a bubble that we are not seeing the light wrap around and the object supposedly far away past Andromeda is really close by on the OTHER side of us but we are just not able to measure it properly because our instruments can only measure what light PASSES by our Star, we can’t even account for the light that goes in a complete opposite direction. Consider this, if in fact we sitting here on Earth can see in every direction possible then that leads me to speculate that we must in fact be the center of said universe.

But since that is not the accepted view and the ‘evidence’ is skewed towards a specific world view, it makes it difficult to make any argument one way or the other. So the universe could be so big we can’t fathom it, or it could be smaller than we realize. How do we know those “Red Giants” are really super massive stars mega light years away, rather than “tiny dwarf stars” that are just barely past Pluto? We don’t know and the scientists admit they don’t know. There are some commonly quoted experiments that are taken as fact when in reality they are guesses based on very outdated math.

If you take that away and assume the universe is smaller than expected the chances of alien life out there shrinks. Now not to totally dismiss the science because there is solid evidence that we can measure, but it is our interpretation of the data that I question. I do know no matter what there is no chance in HELL every single government secretly agreed to cover up alien contact, what would be their motivation for doing so, hell our own Government can’t even agree on a single issue, other than to give themselves pay raises so unless the aliens promised every single Government official eternal life, I doubt there is any way they could have covered it up this long.

UFO’s are a different story, there are secret government weapons being developed all the time so those are your “Unidentified Flying Objects” but Flying Saucers, not possible.

Aliens Real or Fake: Fake

Lochness Monster

Despite all I had to say about aliens I have only one thing to say about this one, twenty years ago I could have given this a possible consideration but with our current underwater imaging technology there is no Lochness Monster sorry but if there was it would have been found by now, HELLO if it was REAL Scotland would not cover it up they would be capturing that son of a bitch and having their own little “Jurassic Park” honestly this is a no-brainer.

Real or Fake: Fake

Big Foot

Do men walk the Earth, yes, do Apes and other primates walk the Earth, also yes. Is there a chance there is some un-evolved Human/Ape Hybrid hiding out in the Canadian and USA, not a chance. Again this comes down to two realities, the big foot is not the supposed missing link. With that said I DO think there could be some type of as of yet uncategorized life form that might resemble the big foot creature.

Real or Fake: Possible but not likely what people think it is.


This one is a little less controversial, most people would just dismiss any notion Fairies could even exist and shrug them off. On the other hand I do believe there are spiritual forces out there we can’t explain, see my views on Ghosts, Demons, and Angels, below. I have researched both the Celtic view on fairies and more modern views on fairies. I believe that there could be some creature out there that could use magic to disguise itself from man kind.

Yes I do believe in “magic” but when you read what I consider magic it might shatter your mind. Either way I am skeptical that the Tinker Bell type fairy is real or has ever existed, I think what people think of as Fairies are modernized perversions of outdated views on Angels and nothing more. Since I do believe in Angels I would contend that Fairies are just Angels that have been miscategorized.

Fairies Real or Fake: Real but misunderstood


I am not sure if I want to get into this one too deep, I have strong views on this subject that are complicated and difficult to resolve with current mass cultural views. I think Dinosaurs might have existed and might still exist, but I doubt they are what we classify them as. In fact I find it easier to believe in Dragons than I do Dinosaurs. I think that despite the common perception there is a lot of evidence that is not only dubious but it’s not even generally agreed upon. Not to mention just like with Stars, we are interpreting data and you can’t assume one interpretation must be right and another must be false. That is why I think realistically Dinosaurs are harder to reconcile with my beliefs.

Real or Fake: Real but see below.


Dragons are spoken of in nearly every world religion in one way or another and not a single one resembles a single species of Dinosaur that has been classified. In fact none of the current fossils on display even match the views on Dinosaurs as most have been rearranged so many times it’s all speculation how the bones went together no matter what anyone says.

I think Dinosaurs and Dragons are the same thing and I believe they both do still exist but I think they are not the same as what people picture. Dragons are less likely to be Lord of the Rings, D&D, type monsters but I think they are probably just giant snakes that some people might have over exaggerated. I do believe in the spiritual war between God and Satan and I am sure Satan can and does in fact use Dragons in his arsenal.

Real or Fake: Very real, but spiritual today, physical form unknown


I am torn on this one, I believe that the God of the Bible is the one true God, the Almighty creator of everything. I also believe that the Bible mentions other gods, even false gods, in a context that could be interpreted many different ways. Ca I say for sure that Demons are being worshiped as “gods” or that other, lesser godlike beings can’t exist? There are such confusing and difficult imagery in the Bible I content that there is one higher God, the God of the universe, but I don’t know that is mutually exclusive to a singular pantheon or if it is possible God might have other beings that are considered gods by others. I believe that there are unexplainable spiritual forces and not all of them can be classified simple as Angels and Fallen Angels/Demons.

Gods Real or Fake: Jesus, the Almighty Lord our Holy Father an the Holy Spirit, very real I would give my life for that, lesser “gods” there are some spiritual beings we can’t explain, some of them might be what other cultures worship as gods so they might be real but they are not the One True God.


Fallen Angles, as the common Biblical understanding refers to them as. I find that safe and believable. I think Demons are separate from Devils and The Devil, or Satan but I am not sure how they rank.

Demons Real or Fake: Very real.


Some Christians think Ghosts are impossible, some claim they are just demons trying to trick people or Angels that aren’t fully understood. I believe they are possible. The Bible is not at all clear on what specifically happens the exact moment we die. The common quoted verse says “Absent from the Body Present with the Lord” well contradicts, on the surface, the notion of God being Omnipresent. Meaning if the Holy Spirit dwells in our Body, another verse calls our body the “temple of the Lord” then we are always present with God.

Also there is the verse, the Dead in Christ Shall Rise first, among others such as the story of the man in hell talking to people in Heaven, or at least outside of Hell. My view is people once dead leave their bodies, some might go straight to heaven or they might stick around, at God’s approval of course, and try to accomplish whatever He allows them to. I think He can also extend this courtesy to the damned also, there is nothing that says once you leave your body your instantly in Hell if you are damned, in fact it makes it sound very much like there is a future date where that happens so ghosts might be damned souls sticking around trying to warn their loved one and they are just not able to reach them all. See ESP below.

Ghosts Real or Fake: Real but they could be unexplainable.



Time Travel

If time travel were possible it would put God in quite a bind. The Lord and his Heavenly Host can see the future, I am sure they can extend that to human should they choose but going forward or backwards in time is not humanly possible without aid of the Lord Almighty, and the scientific community agrees the laws of Physics make time travel impossible as does all philosophical views on the subject.

Real or Fake: Fake


This is a more touchy one, I do believe in spiritual forces and I believe in magical or supernatural abilities to manipulate these forces. ESP is just one supernatural ability all Christians should be fully aware of, in a sense Prayer is a type of ESP and I believe in the power of Prayer.

Real or Fake: Real with Spiritual assistance.

Secret Societies

I don’t know if I can tackle this one in such a short space, honestly I doubt the Illuminati, the Free Masons, or even the Church of Scientology have some global reach that can manipulate world events. Do I think it is possible for secret societies to exist, yes I call them Cults and some have extraordinary reach, others are just localized.

Real or Fake: Real but I doubt there is a single one with a global reach. Stay Cool.

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