What is The Spiders Lair?

At some point in the past the universe burst into existence. Out of the chaos came humanity. This site’s goal is to tell stories. Plain and simple our motto is To Organize Chaos. We’ve updated that to now say this place is were chaos resides.

Order cannot exist without chaos. The Spiders Lair is the home of all the disorganized thoughts, musings and questions asked by a person who’s life journey has taken her to all sorts of interesting places. Why call it The Spiders Lair? Because all basement dwellers get a bad rep and this site is a place for them to come and revel in their differences rather than cave to the pressures of conformity.

The author is a person who defies explanation. A journalist, writer, photographer, artist, musician, video producer, music aficionado, collector of things and a loner by nature, this website is also a shrine to the intricate spider web that resides inside her mind.

Topics range from horror movies, life, music, comic books, video games, toys, child hood memories, news stories, and everything in between.

This website is currently undergoing a rebranding. In some ways it’s a transformation, in other ways it’s the evolution of an idea. What is that idea? The world around us is too much for one person to make sense out of on their own. This place is merely the insane ramblings of one human being walking the earth trying to make sense of the world. An artist. A poet. A story-teller. This person defies description because she chooses to walk the world alone. She makes friends and colleagues along the way, enriches their lives, then moves on to the next destination.

Welcome to The Spiders Lair: Where Chaos Resides.