Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 39

Chapter 39

It was 2 o’clock in the morning. George drove the car to the rendezvous point. His stomach was churning already. He knew Molly’s death and torture was a key element to the plan. Although he didn’t completely justify the kidnapping of his daughter, he did exactly as Drake instructed.

Watching the Mexican smugglers take his daughter away to be sold into prostitution was almost gut wrenching enough. He knew it wasn’t her fault but her suffering was all part of getting to Molly. Forcing the wicked bitch to watch the videotape of them raping her daughter before shipping her off to who knows where was all part of the torment Molly was going to suffer. The punishment had to fit the crime.

Ashley’s daughter had been brutally raped and then taken from her mother. Although deep down George wanted to feel remorse as it had been his own offspring, he turned it off and put on the mask of placing all the blame upon Molly. Everything that took place from here on out was all because of her.

He drove up to the dirt road. Got out of the car and opened the trunk. Inside, tied up was the waitress from the diner George had confided in recently. Her physical appearance and bone structure was similar enough to Molly she would make a perfect decoy. The plan was simple. Drake was going to film George cutting the woman’s hands off and shoving her, head first, into a wood chipper. Then he was going to record a message to the police how he was killing Molly and taking his own life because of what happened to Ashley. He had already watched the cartels ship his ex-wife’s daughter off. Now it was time to end this pathetic waitresses life too. After all who was going to miss a diner waitress with no future?

George dragged the woman up the slope along the dirt path. Once he got the woman inside he began tearing her clothes off. She was still bound and gabbed, sitting naked on a chair.

George walked over to the corner where Molly had been tied up.

He was going to really enjoy this. He took the knife and began cutting into her flesh. He soaked her clothes in blood then removed them from her body while Drake dressed her wounds. Although it wasn’t a part of the plan, George didn’t say anything as Drake helped himself to Molly while George dressed the waitress in Molly’s blood-soaked clothes. Now was the fun part.

He took a garden sheer and removed Molly’s ring finger, wedding band intact. Then removed the same finger from the woman. He placed Molly’s finger in a little keepsake case for Drake to use in the next phase. George knew he wasn’t going to be around for that phase. In order for the video to be convincing, and to throw the cops off the scent to allow Drake to carry out the plan, he had to end his life tonight too.

George was okay with that part. He was ready to end his own suffering. He just wished he could see the look on her face when Molly learns what transpired all because of her unwillingness to let people live their lives.

Now, with a bag over her head George, with the video camera set, shoved the waitress into the wood chipper head first. He savored every drop of blood and mangled flesh that splattered across his face. He turned to the camera and began reading from the cards.

When he was done he he winked at the camera and said. “Molly Goldfish must DIE! And now so shall I!”

Then the lights darkened around him as his body went limp. He could hear faint sounds of Molly crying as he drifted into the afterlife. Finally George was at peace.

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