Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 36

Chapter 36

She kept looking at the flower sitting on her desk. It was a white flower she didn’t recognize. She couldn’t quite figure out why the flower was bothering her. She tried to picture in her mind what a flower was supposed to smell like. It had been so long since the fragrance of any living plant had touched her senses. She was beginning to wonder if she would ever sit outside in the springtime again.

Ashley had been making progress finally. The doctor had told her how she had plead insanity at her trial and her lawyer argued it was self-defense. Stephanie wasn’t buying it but she knew there was something missing in her memories. She wasn’t sure what it was. Every time she tried to picture it in her mind she blotted it out.

She kept starring at the flower. Despite the progress she was making her voice was still only coming back in small doses. Today was not one of those days. She sat listening to the doctor talk to her about the same things she always did, how she needed to process her guilt. How her kids were being taken care of. It was all the types of things she was glad to hear but deep down knew wasn’t going to do her any good.

The doctor could tell Ashley was trying to get out of her mind. While talking wasn’t an option at this time, the doctor had a new approach.

“Ashley I know you can hear me. You haven’t responded to everything I said but I want you to know you are in there and we are waiting patiently for you to find your voice. In the meantime why don’t you see if you can write down what you are feeling on this notepad? Would you be able to do that for me?”

The doctor asked as she placed the notepad in one hand and a pencil in the other.

Ashley’s gaze never left the flower. She didn’t even look at the notepad. After about ten minutes of silence she slowly began scribbling on the notepad. She didn’t even look down at what she wrote. She handed the notepad back to the doctor.

The doctor didn’t know what to make of it. A single sentence with a drawing of a balloon tied to the last letter.

“Molly Goldfish must die!”

The doctor ponder the significance of it for a while before she tried to get through to Stephanie.

“My dear, who is this Molly Goldfish and why do you want her to die?”

Ashley didn’t take her eye off the flower. She just closed her eyes and began repeating,

“Molly Goldfish must die.” It was a whisper at first.

“Molly Goldfish must die”

Then her voice began to elevate.

“Molly Goldfish must die!” Ashley stood up to the doctor’s surprise.

She walked over to the desk, grabbed the white flower, pulled it out of the vase it was sitting in and yelled on top of her lungs into the flower.

“Molly Goldfish MUST DIE!”

She bit the head of the flower off, sat down and began chewing it. She drank it down with water from the vase. Then she became quiet again.

Back in her office doctor pondered the meaning of the drawing. The words were written in a child-like elegance ending with the tail of the e in die forming the string of a balloon floating above the words.

The doctor began to wonder what piece of the puzzle was missing. She pulled out the note the gentleman from before brought in requesting a visit with poor Stephanie Taylor. The doctor decided now might be a good time to bring him back in for further questioning.

She picked up the phone and called the relative who gave him the note. She was able to put the doctor in touch with the man’s motel room where she left an urgent message for him to give her a call.

The doctor had other patients but there was something really fishy about this Molly Goldfish. Something that seemed to really upset Stephanie.

No more than twenty minutes passed when the phone rang.

“This is George Thompson. What’s wrong doctor?”

“There seems to be a breakthrough with the patient. She has begun to talk finally. But the things she says don’t seem to make much sense to me. She keeps chanting for the death of a goldfish, does that sound familiar to you?”

George wasn’t sure he wanted to get into this right now. He was still trying to figure out how to deal with his own pain knowing the agony his long-lost soul mate was in. After a brief pause he asked the doctor a question of his own.

“What exactly did she say about the goldfish? If you don’t mind my asking.” George said.

The doctor looked over the hand-writing and recalled the story Mr. Thompson relayed previously.

“I do believe this is something I should discuss in person Mr. Thompson. Would it be possible to arrange a meeting in the next day or two?” the doctor asked.

While he knew he had to make preparation for his plans, his recently rekindled love for Stephanie and the overwhelming desire to become her knight in shining armor got the better of his judgment

“I think I can make that happen. What is a good time for you?” George asked.

The doctor sat the pencil down on top of the notepad on her desk.

“The sooner the better. Would you be able to come by here around 10 am? Ashley will have her first session with me just before noon. I believe I would be more useful to her if I could get your insight into this beforehand.”

“I agree doctor. I will see you tomorrow then. Please take care of her, she doesn’t deserve to be in that place. I assure you I only want to do what is best for her recovery.” George said.

“Mr. Thompson, I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for the patient but please keep in mind she is not well. The woman you remember is not the person I am treating. I want to be clear right now. Do not get any sense of false hope. Am I clear?” the doctor asked.

“Yes ma’am. I understand.” George said.

“Good. Then I will see you tomorrow. Take care Mr. Thompson.”

He ended the call.

George turned to his brother who had been standing there the whole time.

“Brother, I am fully on board with your plan. I have to make a minor delay in my preparations. I need to visit Stephanie once more, for good measure.

The doctor says she has been repeating a message they think I can offer some insight into. I need closure. Remember, for me, I am doing this to help her. If I can’t salvage her mind the least I can do is get revenge on the woman who put her in there in the first place. Do you agree brother?” George said.

Drake had a blank look on his face. George couldn’t get a reading on him. After a couple of minutes of dead silence he responded.

“You do what you need to brother. Whatever it takes to make you see why what we are doing is the right thing.” Drake said.

George nodded in agreement.

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