Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Wake up!” he yelled into her face loudly.

Molly forced open her eyes unaware of what was about to happen. He never took the time to wake her up unless he was going to bring something to her attention she was certain she could do without knowing.

“I see you seem to have forgotten why you are here in the first place. No matter, I have some good news. Your time served is almost up and I will soon be commuting your sentence. Doesn’t that sound great! I bet you can’t wait to get out of this hospital bed and back to your life.”

Drake was smiling with a glimmer in his eye Molly had never seen in her captor before. He was stroking her breasts gently as he began rubbing that stuff all over her body once more. She still couldn’t tell what it was but she couldn’t stand the stench of it.

“Drake, please for the love of God would you talk to me? Tell me what I did, why are you doing this to me?”

Molly could barely whisper the words as she chocked on the pain in her throat. That was new but she didn’t want to begin to figure out where it came from.

“I see you seem to forget the turn of events that brought you here. That is quite understandable considering the drugs I used on you. They were very psychotropic substances. The types of things hypnotherapists use to unlock repressed memories.

Well fortunately for me if done right they can be used to suppress memories too. In some cases they can even assist in planting false memories. Sure, the real memories return in time. But we’re running out of time now aren’t we? Yes I think we are.”

Soon your body will be healed and you will be plotting your escape once again. And then this time you won’t heal enough in the right places. You see a bone can only be broken so many times before it stops healing. I have damaged your body basically beyond repair.

You can live a normal, comfortable life if I let you heal now and you got proper medical treatment but if I repeat the cycle one more time then much of the damage becomes. Permanent.”

He said that last part as he took a knife and sliced off a piece of her skin from her shoulder.

All of a sudden things began coming back to Molly. She was starting to remember this wasn’t the first time he told her his plan. She winced in pain but force herself not to let out a cry or scream. She knew it would only make things worse as she learned her screams were music to him.

Instead she chose a new tactic.

“If my body is broken, why not let me die? It is obvious you are very well addicted to killing. Ending my miserable life would bring you much joy at this point don’t you think?”

She asked not expecting him to comply just hoping to try to reason with him.

“Molly Goldfish, you clever little bitch. Your death is coming. But it won’t be relief from pain, it will be at the end of an agonizing week-long ordeal. Soon. Not today. Not tomorrow. But the time is approaching. George before you, his death was necessary for your pain.

There is another thing you might not be privy to. You see, Linda, her death was no accident my dear. I swerved the car at exactly the right time to ensure her lifeless body would be tossed from the vehicle sans head while I would suffer minimal injuries.

I knew I would place my fragile life in the hands of my colleagues while I let the “loss” of my beloved Linda motivate me into a life of seclusion.”

Drake told Molly as he continued to dress her wounds and rub that stuff on her body.

“Why would you do such a thing? I thought you loved her?” Molly asked. Her voice was slowly beginning to return.

“Oh Molly Goldfish you don’t get it. You never understood the truth. You see, my blood lust predates my courtship with sweat, innocent Linda. In fact, to be honest, her death was more like a necessary evil in order to hatch my plan to get back at you and all the pain you inflicted on those around you.”

Molly couldn’t fight back the tears anymore. Searching her deepest memories she couldn’t find any reason for so many people to blame her for their troubles. She didn’t take George from Stephanie, and she didn’t put a wedge between Linda and her former friend. She was set up by her parents and theirs and went along with it. She agreed, in her heart, she never loved George but she knew doubted Linda and Drakes love for each other.

“Molly, you seem to have forgotten the story about how I watched my cousin burn to death in a house fire. You see with Jennifer long dead I can tell that story however I need to fit the situation.

But we didn’t sneak off to make love while the barn burned as I said while she became pregnant with my child. I held her down and forced myself on her while I made her watch with me as Brandon begged for us to save him. It was only right after I dragged her into my bedroom where I told her to pretend we were making love to have an alibi.” Drake said.

Molly still didn’t understand what any of this had to do with her. Then he explained it.

He told her how Brandon was into Jennifer and she was going to break up with Drake for him because she found his dirty magazines. He explained how he was tired of being a virgin and she ought to start putting out but was against it for religious reasons.

Drake said he tried to set Brandon up with Molly because every time she came to visit she flirted with him. The plan was Molly would take Brandon, Drake could keep Jennifer and George could be happy with Ashley. While it didn’t work out that way Drake began to describe a tale weaved in jealousy and bitterness she still felt no responsibility to.

He then explained how after Jennifer moved away he talked her into killing herself. Drake didn’t stop there. He revealed everything to Molly finally spelling out how she fit into everything. Her tears turned from quiet sobs to full on cries of pain as his story unfolded in her ears.

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