Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Hobbs hadn’t worked a proper murder investigation in all too long. He left the city police department to live in the country side because he wanted to get away from that type of investigating. He knew he had what on paper should have been an open and shut case of murder-suicide but he couldn’t shake the double-homicide theory and it was beginning to irritate him.

He knew the markings on the back of the male victim’s head were the key. The coroner said the man stabbed the woman to death then shot himself in the head, falling backwards onto a tree stump. Hambly thought it sounded neat but his instincts told him otherwise.

“Howdy Sheriff, how’s going?” an all-too-familiar voice said.

“Not now Hank, I need some peace to figure this out. Why don’t you go bother the boys at the lodge for a change and leave me be?” Hobbs said frustrated.

“Why sure Sheriff, I know you got police work to do that’s why I am here. You know that cabin you said you walked by the other day, the one with the football player’s brother? Well I was out hunting over the weekend and I heard something that sounded very disturbing coming from that direction. I thought you might be interested in snooping around.” Hank said.

Hobbs could smell the booze on his friends breath. He checked his watch. Sure enough it was no more than 12 past ten in the morning.

“Hank, I already questioned that fellow, I don’t think he had anything to do with those two hikers that turned up dead. Would you please leave the police work to the professionals.” Hobbs said.

“Well I am sure you are right, you are always right when it comes to police business. I wasn’t so sure this was connected to that case but maybe something else?” Hank said.

Hobbs put his hand on Hank’s shoulder and walked him to the front door.

“Hank, I am not going to bother that poor man who is just up there for some peace unless I have a good reason. You thinking you smelled something fishy when you were blind-stinking drunk isn’t probably cause. There aren’t any other crimes reported in the area that require my attention like these two bodies. Now would you kindly go about your business and let me do my job!”

Hobbs slammed the door on Hank. He turned to his secretary,

“If that drunk walks in here again you grab one of the deputies and put him in the holding cell for disturbing the peace of hampering an investigation, something to keep him out of my hair would you.”

She just nodded in agreement not looking up from her crossword puzzle.

Hobbs rolled his eyes and went back into his office to think.

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