Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 32

Chapter 32

This was just great, here he was enjoying a nice evening alone with his dog and goldfish when some stupid good for nothing Sheriff had to stop by asking him questions about a couple who had been killed a few nights earlier. He was trying his hardest to get the stupid lug to leave but he insisted that the incident had occurred close by.

The Sheriff knew he was a wilderness man and so suspected that he might have heard something. This was just great, now his goldfish was going to really worry. He knew that he had to get the cop out of here before Goldie made a ruckus.

“Well if you think of anything that might be helpful feel free to give me a holler alright?”

He looked the man square in the eyes,

“Will do Sheriff.”

The cop got into his unit, closed the door drove off.

He knew old Goldie hated being interrupted during supper. He went back inside and could hear what sounded like screams coming from the bedroom. He looked at the goldfish bowl on the table and noticed that there was water spilled all over the place.

Goldie had managed to tip over his castle and knocked over the feeding dish. This was not good. You silly goldfish he thought to himself as he straightened up the mess. The fish was swimming around anxiously in his bowl.

He reached in and cornered the little guy, giving him a gentle rub on his sides.

“Now there, calm down Goldie it’s going to be okay, the Sheriff was just asking questions about those campers we met the other night that is all.” He could hear more sounds coming from the bedroom.

“Hmm, I must have left the TV on in there.”

He opened the door.

Molly’s heart sank as she saw the door open and there was her captor standing in the way. She began flailing about in her bed screaming at him to go away and leave her alone. This was the first time she was able to communicate with her abductor and she was going to make the most of it.

“Drake please, why are doing this to me?”

He said not a word, made no sound at all. He walked quietly over to where her feeding tube had been tossed aside and picked it up. He looked her up and down, assessing the pain she must have been in. He bent down by the night stand next to her bed and pulled out some sort of cream from the looks of it. He began rubbing her down with what felt like a muscle ointment.

Drake pulled up a chair and sat down next to Molly. He brushed the hair out of her eyes and wiped her tears from her cheek.

“Hush little goldfish, there is no reason to fret my darling.”

He picked up the feeding tube, wiped it off with a wet wipe he pulled out of his medical kit. She clenched her teeth; she was not going to let him put that thing back in her mouth.

“I was afraid you would do this someday.”

He reached down to put the tube back and she tightened her lips.

“Now Molly listen here, if you don’t get this feeding tube back into your throat you are going to die. I don’t have to tell you how damaged your body is, you were lucky to survive the wreck.”

She blinked her eyes and furrowed her brow. What the hell was he talking about? Had this man lost his mind?

“You probably don’t remember the accident do you?

You have been in a coma for going on two months now. I been taking care of you sweetheart.”

She shook her head, what was he talking about? She wasn’t falling for it. This was some sort of a trick.

“Please, tell me why are doing this to me? What did I ever do to you?”

“Oh sweetie, don’t cry,” he wiped her tears again.

“You were in a car accident almost two years ago. George was killed and I pulled you from the wreckage myself don’t you remember?”

Molly was confused, how could he think she was so stupid.

She shook her head and spit at him.

“You and George kidnapped me, why should I trust you?”

“Kidnapped? What are you talking about? You and George were in a car accident. I pulled you from the wreckage myself.”

Molly was getting dizzy now, the room was spinning. She could vaguely remember a car accident. What about the kidnapping, torture, or that video? Molly was getting a headache, his words felt like lies, yet somehow they tasted like truth. She wasn’t sure what to believe anymore.

“No,” she said her mind in a daze, her voice was begging to crack,

“that’s not what happened, you kidnapped me and have kept me here for some twisted reason putting me through all sorts of abuse. I can’t trust anything you are saying.”

Drake stood up from his chair, brushed the hair out of her eyes and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“My sweet darling, you have always been like a sister to me. The accident was a terrible shock for you that and the medication must have had you in some kind of delusional dream like trance while in your coma. It’s not uncommon for coma victims to dream up elaborate alternative realities to deal with their pain. You are safe here with me. Your body was badly broken in the wreck, George was killed and to protect you I brought you here and buried him myself. I fully intend to nurse you back to health and then get you back on your feet.”

There was something fishy about his story, but somehow she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Answer me this then, where are my clothes, why am I naked? And what are those bruises on my body?”

He took a deep breath, sat down and lit a cigarette. He took a deep puff and then told her,

“It was very bad wreck. Listen I don’t think you are quite ready to talk about it just yet. You have been in a coma for almost two months straight, this is the first time you been awake since the accident. Why don’t you get some sleep and we can talk about it in the morning. He reached for her feeding tube and she clinched her teeth, pulling her head away from him.

“Please don’t put that thing back in me. And if what you’re saying is true why can’t you untie me from this bed?”

He walked over and untied her bonds. He brought her a blanket and began to pull it over her when she screamed in pain.

“Do you see now why you are uncovered? Your wounds will heal in time, but the bonds are to keep you steady, you are in a very critical condition Molly. I will untie you, and loosen your bonds, but I have to keep the waist strap or else you could suffer further injuries.”

With that he offered her a pain killer that must have included a sedative because she passed right out. Molly drifted back into her nightmare, no longer aware of what was, and wasn’t real.

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