Goldfish on the Mountain Chapter 31

Chapter 31

There was a knock at the door. It startled Molly awake.

Her heart began racing as she realized they never had visitors. Her captor was a very private man. He was very protective of his prized possession. She could hear the sounds of her tormentor opening the front door.

Suddenly she became anxious, it was a long shot but she had to draw attention to her situation. She looked around, there was nothing she could reach to throw or knock over. She began struggling in her bindings. She thought if only she could make enough noise then surely whoever it was could come into the bedroom and find her. She could hear the front door close. Obviously they must have stepped outside. Her heart sank; this was the closest she had come to being discovered. Whatever was going on must be important.

She looked over to her side. Her feeding tube, if only there was a way she could get it out of her mouth maybe she could scream. Her hands were bound tightly to the bed. She could not move her arms at all. She could wiggle her toes but that only sent a sharp pain up her spine, she was reminded of how he spent the last few days sticking needles into the bottoms of her feet. All of the pain she had been suppressing suddenly and violently began bringing her back to reality.

She became desperate, one way or another she was going to make her presence known. She began coughing; maybe she could get the feeding tube out that way? She started to gag, it was no use. The damn thing was lodged in her throat there was no way she could just cough it up. As much as it hurt she tilted her head up as far as she could, if only she could wiggle that tube close enough to her thumbs maybe she could yank on it?

It was a few inches from the edge of her bed. She needed to get it to move closer to her hand. She tried to move her left hand, there was just enough room she could turn her wrist. It was going to be painful but she had to try. She took a deep breath, this was it, pushing back with her neck and up with her back she tried to lift her chest enough to move the tube. It shuffled on her chest and then settled into place. She tried to bend her knees, she needed more leverage.

There was that sharp pain again, this time she welcomed it as a reminder of her need to get this right.

She pulled a muscle in her hip, damn it this was a lot harder than she thought. Never before had Molly been determined to fight back. Previously she had accepted her fate and was anxiously awaiting death to relieve her misery. She felt a pain in her shoulder, that was it, he popped her shoulder out of place the last time.

This was going to be the most excruciating pain she ever felt. That’s not true, you gave birth remember. If you can handle that you can handle anything. Molly needed to get her resolve back. She took another deep breath, clinched her eyes shut and lifted her neck back pushing up with her back and bending her knees at the same time. She felt the pain pressing into her shoulder. She couldn’t hold out much longer, she could feel the tube moving across her chest, it fell into her thumbs.

Yes, I got it, now for the really hard part. Molly took a second to relax and catch her breath. She knew that tugging on that feeding tube was going to be unpleasant.

She wanted to make sure she did this just right.

Molly had managed to loosen some of her bindings. This was good she needed a little wiggle room. She clenched her fists as tightly onto that tube as she could. She was going to have to start tugging. She sat up as far as she could and began coughing and tugging at the same time.

There was a scratching sensation inside her throat; she could feel the tube moving. She wanted to gag more than anything. She had to cough back the reflex to vomit. There was so little strength in her hands, she felt as if she was going to lose her grip. Suddenly she could hear the sounds of a car door opening. She was running out of time, they were leaving.

This was it, now or never. She knew that her only chance of escape was to be discovered by an outsider. She was so broken and bruised there was no way she could get away on her own without help. All she needed was to get that damn tube out of her mouth so she could scream.

Her heart was really racing now, sweat was pouring down her face. She swallowed a mouthful of sweat and tears; she pretended it was a nice bowl of chicken soup. She flexed her muscles and yanked on that tub with all her might. It was inching up her throat slowly. Too slowly she thought, she had to move more quickly.

She started biting down on the tube with her teeth and tugging with her jaw. She needed as much extra leverage as she could muster. This was the most she had struggled for as long as she could remember. She could feel it getting closer; it was almost into her mouth. Once it was loose she could scream.


Molly was so relieved to finally have the feeding tube free she was overwhelmed with joy. She couldn’t savor that moment just yet; she pushed back even more years and began coughing. She had no voice, how could she screen if she had no voice!?

She knew why she had no voice, her throat was dry and she had just swallowed a mouthful of tears and sweat. It was going to be unpleasant but she needed to clear her throat. She began hacking up everything she could onto her chest.

She could feel it splashing onto her naked chest. She managed to get out a single sound.

“Help me,”

it came out as a whimper.

That wasn’t good enough she took a few deep breaths and tried again.


It was no use, her voice was too weak. She began sobbing violently.

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